Business dress - a combination of rigor and style

dress - clothes, without which not only can, but must not treat every woman.Accompanying her as long as there is humanity, it is a symbol of femininity and beauty.Despite the fact that the pants and jeans have become a constant part of the wardrobe, filled with not only the Cabinet, but workdays, dress can not take a back seat.

Today, the modern woman is very often presented in the form of a business woman.And no matter what position it takes: return phone calls, or directs the department is the chief of the company, its business style remains.

Business dress must combine several functions: designed for the working day, it should not detract from the case, but, at the same time, it must be feminine and elegant, show the individual subject, and even sexuality emphasize unobtrusive.

Business dress: the ideal length

Of all the possible options for the length of the skirt, from ultra maxi and ending with the most successfully stop in the middle.You must be able to distinguish between right dress b

usiness on what is suitable for a walk or in the evening.The length to the middle of the knee, in the palm above or below is considered optimal.Depending on personal preferences, as well as on who that is, and is to make a choice.

classic form for everyday work

Dress-holder, no doubt, can be considered a leader among other outfits for the office.This form is suitable absolutely everyone.Depending on the shape, you can choose either a free or a fitting option, however, in both cases, the business dress will emphasize only the dignity of the figure and hide from prying eyes all the shortcomings.

cutout dress at such a shallow and often round or oval opening elegant collarbone, and the shape of the skirt - straight or slightly narrowed same.For your own convenience it is best to choose the middle option - too narrow lower part of the skirt is inconvenient to move, particularly in the context of everyday rush.

course, the classic and the most appropriate colors are dark shades from black to deep blue, green and purple, gray, and light: beige or cream.

However, if the dress code does not prohibit the use of all the variety of colors, dress business can start playing with bright colors.At the same time due to the required length and nevyzyvayuschey model, it will only decorate the woman, but did not stand out among the rest of the workers.

Ideal proportions dresses from Chanel always moving from one collection to another and remain relevant for many years.Retro image is especially popular right now, and fit perfectly into the business image.Tweed, with interweaving threads of different colors calm, a large round collar and buttons - such design business dress.Buy this can allow a confident person.

work - that's no reason to make of himself a woman merges with the rest of the gray mass.It is a way to stand out not only the intellectual and creative abilities, but also a sense of style and taste to choose and perfect-fitting dress business.