Indian summer - is the beginning of autumn

Many people believe that the Indian summer - is the best time of the year.This period sang in his poems Fyodor Tyutchev, Olga Bergholz, Leonid Vasyukovich.His glorified in the fine arts.It is reflected in the folk proverbs and superstitions.But what caused this natural phenomenon when it comes and how many takes - many in this respect can not give a coherent answer.It is also confusion with the concepts of "Indian Summer" and "Golden Autumn".Let's try to understand.

Why this name

Despite the differences in climates, in all European countries, the United States and Canada have the time to.However, it is not always the same as on the timing, which is understandable: in the north occurs earlier in the south - later.The name of a natural phenomenon emerged organically: the harvest is over, and the old women can warm your bones on the bench, enjoying the last heat.But not all the peoples of this time to by the term "Indian Summer."It time of St. Martin (November 11) in Spain, Portugal and Italy;Mic

hael (28 September) in Serbia, Croatia;Saint-Denis - France.In Bulgaria, it is accepted to call "gypsy summer", and in the United States and Canada - "Indian."Czechs call this time the "seed - Panna Maria" Carpathian Slavs - "old wives 'cold'.In the subtropics this period is called the "velvet season".

Why occurs Indian Summer?

This natural phenomenon is due to the influence of the so-called Azores anticyclone.After the first cold snap, which takes place in different areas at different times, progrevshiesya over the summer air masses form a vast zone of high pressure.She, along with the western trade winds begin their march to the east.In Western Europe, it almost did not notice: there, and so under the influence of the Gulf Stream reigns summer.But in western Russia the Indian summer - a long-awaited joy after the first blast of the approaching winter.Rain and fog ending, daytime air warms up to + 25 ° C.The air is clear and pure, the bright sun gleam long filament web.

duration of Indian summer

As this climatic phenomenon also depends on the weather, time-bound offensive end and duration in the Indian summer there.If July and August were cool, the Azores anticyclone is weak.In some years there is no Indian summer at all, but in the other - there are two "waves" of this wonderful pores.Incidentally, the Russian has specific definitions for these cycles, "the young Indian Summer" (end of August - beginning of September), and the "old" (from a few days to a week in the second half of the ninth month of the year). So even meteorologists difficult to predict when to start an Indian summer. year 2013 was a typical Russian climate.But what can we expect next?

confusion in terms

Due to the fact that in Russia, the Indian summer time falls on yellowing leaves, and often comes in two waves, many people often confuse it with the golden autumn.At the beginning or middle of October falls a few days of dry, clear and moderately warm weather, when the autumn sun still warms the air up to + 15-20 ° C.But in Ukraine these two periods are clearly delineated."Babia" is time comes with the full year "entourage": the foliage is still green, the flowers are blooming meadow.Chestnut and acacia, deceived began after cooling by heat, begin to bloom a second time.And no matter how many Indian Summer (2013 met this time in mid-September), the golden autumn comes to Ukraine, as a rule, in the second decade of October.