Gypsum panels for interiors (photo)

gypsum panels for interior design look great and lately have proliferated.Their installation handyman able to produce on their own.

Materials and tools

To carry out the installation of gypsum board, it is necessary to prepare some materials and tools, namely:

  • primer;
  • filler;
  • tile adhesive;
  • hacksaw;
  • building level;
  • pencil.
  • sandpaper;
  • sponge.
  • roller;
  • paint;
  • brush.

Number of panels before starting work will count, guided by the size of the room.Grouting in the process of installation is carried out with putty, the composition will give a complete view of the wall.


gypsum panels for interior decoration must be fixed on a flat surface.Originally, the walls need to remove the old finish.If it is necessary, on the basis applied leveling compound.Further, the composition should be left alone to dry completely, and then remove the dust and apply primer.If it is assumed that the panel will have a backlight, then to advance the art of communication should fail.

When working with brick walls, which caused the plaster, their surface to be treated with a spatula, it will detect poorly fortified elements.Additionally, such a foundation is recommended to treat the concrete-contact, which will increase the adhesive characteristics.

installation of the product will be easier to produce exactly when to mark the surface, using a level and a pencil.By the time the installation should be based on a vertical and horizontal lines.

gypsum panels for interior decoration must undergo acclimatization for this after delivery to the place they should unpack and leave for a day in the room.

Both linkable surface to be primed deep penetration.Quite often, the design space provides the location of the goods at a considerable distance from the floor, while on the horizon, it is recommended to strengthen the supporting rail, applying for this dowels.

Features of installation

gypsum panels for interior decoration should start to mount with the bottom corner.On the back surface of the product is distributed adhesive with a notched trowel, and then the panel is applied to the wall.When attaching a second web it should be possible to tightly pressed to the previous one, it will provide a narrow groove.You may need to adjust the size of the panels, thus it is necessary to use a hacksaw.The resulting edge is treated with sandpaper.

addition of glue, each panel can be further strengthened by the dowel-nails.For this purpose, the product must be made beforehand for the four holes for the mechanical fasteners.After completing the process in the locations of the nails should be made putty and rubbing operation.

Finishing work

Gypsum panels for interior decoration, which are shown in the photo paper, then sticking again to check on the correct position.Only then you can begin to fill the joints with putty.If there is excess staff, it is recommended to get rid of them with a sponge, whereas if you have not noticed the error in time applying putty after drying they can be removed by grinding.

Once the putty is dry, you can start coloring.It is preferable for this use compositions based on acrylic and texture are ideal, and water-based mixture.

Species filler for joints

gypsum board for interior walls can be handled in the joints putty mixtures with different compositions.Each of them has a specific period during which it remains workable.So, choosing a composition for urgent work, you will be able to use putty for only 1 hour after mixing.The solution for medium volume of work is dry for 4 hours.As for alternative solutions for large volumes of work, the composition can be used in the period limited for days.

putty-paste for panels with sealing tape

gypsum panels for interior decoration can be processed in the joints and using the finished putty-paste product with a sealing tape.It helps to minimize the human factor.Sealing tapes, you can select in the departments of construction materials from a wide range.Despite the fact that they have the same destination, they may be based on different materials.

Pros and cons of gypsum panels

Gypsum 3D-panels for interior decoration can be made as an imitation of various materials.Thus, it is possible to obtain a wall with the elements of stone, wood or brick.This makes it possible to implement any design ideas, which is a huge advantage.

Among other things, these products have qualities:

  • ecology;
  • noise reduction;
  • teplosberezheniya.

Installation works are not accompanied by high labor costs also for the reason that the panels have a very low weight.Therefore, they do not exert stress on the wall after installation.The material does not lose its appeal even for decades after installation, it is environmentally friendly, indicating that the harmlessness, and is not lit even when the direct flame.The material does not have a property to shrink, which demonstrates its exceptional quality.

Select panel also for ease of installation, as well as a small cost.For example, gypsum boards for interior finishing in St. Petersburg can be purchased for 1300 rubles / pcs.Cost of products in different regions of Russia is different.For example, gypsum boards for interior decoration in Yekaterinburg are slightly cheaper if you buy the product from the manufacturer - from 400 rubles per unit.

If we consider the cons, we can distinguish exposure to mechanical impact panels.Therefore, it is not recommended to install them in children's rooms and houses which have pets.After damaging the product will not look so presentable and require replacement or partial repair.Another disadvantage is not sufficiently high moisture resistance, but this problem can be solved as it is described below.

Features of operation panels

Though wall panels made of gypsum-based, not particularly fastidious, for the extension of their life is recommended to follow certain rules, among them:

  • exception of direct sunlight on the surface finishes;
  • rejection of the proximity of products with heating and lighting fixtures;
  • cleaning dry or slightly damp cloth;
  • exception of using all kinds of detergents when cleaning;
  • need to avoid interaction of products with the means, which include those contained acetone, alcohol and gasoline.

To finish looked brilliant and had a water-repellent effect, which is very important for the plaster, you should cover it surface was formed on the basis of beeswax.

of strength characteristics

On the strength of the panels can be asserted only if they have been produced in a factory.While private producers do not care about any of these qualities at the production stage or before the process of transportation.Industrial organizations use one of three methods for enhancing strength.The first involves adding modifiers to the ingredients, the second provides for reinforcement.Both methods reduce environmental products.The third method is more laborious, it is accompanied by the formation in the casting stiffeners.

is important to keep the panel, prevent damage, and even at the stage of transportation.If you purchased the plant leaf and not from a private producer, the finish will come in dense packaging, which ensures complete safety and security panels.Products in this are in an air-bubble polyethylene film, transported in an upright position and the euro-pallet.Before loading goods opallechivaetsya stretch tape.

If you want to create a truly unique interior, you should choose for the walls was gypsum board, which can then mount painted in any color.If necessary, during the operation to update the drawing surface of the ink composition can be produced repeatedly.