When the Indian summer comes and what is it?

No calendar does not tell exactly when this will be a wonderful time.And it's not that scientists are lagging behind in their knowledge.The point is the concept.It is not the calendar.It is similar to the feelings of the soul.Just do not man it identifies, and nature.Its power rests on a hot summer and preparing for rainy autumn.That's when the Indian summer comes.It is a thin thread of time between heat and slush.One thing is certain: in the middle lane, it is autumn.

When Indian summer pleases?

This is time can last a week or two, and maybe one day shoot.It is unpredictable.And these are the years that there is no Indian summer.Immediately rain comes, nature as it punishes man for the sins of not bestowing wonderful sweet days.And they are pleased with its gentle warmth, gentle sunshine, clear weather, the warm breeze, which plays a gossamer Indian summer.It's better just shows that the Indian summer arrived.These days a good go at the last picnic, sunbathe, take a breath.Energy Indian summer is fa

vorable and easy.It can be reserved for future use in the winter (to absorb).

Why this is called Indian Summer is time?

A woman who has built a strong family, there comes a time when it has gained the confidence of maturity, but still retained the affection of youth.This is a special period of prosperity.Woman happy on what it is that lives life to the fullest.It reaches a point where it is filled with the emotional world, no matter what!Wonderful feeling.Nature also can be so intense feminine energy, filled with happiness and peace.When?Indian summer shows us this.It counts the days and moments of complete serenity of nature.

Was an Indian summer in 2013?

It all depends on the coordinates.In Eurasia, it was almost everywhere.Only somewhere it came early, somewhere - later.Average weekly strip glad happiness.North and almost not felt this beautiful pores.In the south of the heat for so long held that the late state of nature have gone unnoticed.Lovely colors and sweet smells of the Indian summer there mixed with the summer heat, do not wish to leave the region.

it possible to predict when the Indian summer comes?There

popular superstitions, which is calculated this wonderful time.So, if the night gets colder in the morning mist rises - soon the Indian summer.Starlings flew to the south - wait for the onset of warm days.About silk threads have already spoken.There are signs associated with the Indian summer.If it is short - to the snowy winter.Long warm keeping - are severe frosts, it is necessary to prepare for the cold.Yields for the next year will be bad if the Indian summer long.

Another look

is believed that the Indian summer - is the period from late August to mid-September.But such a definition deprives the notion of this period, all sweetness and poetry.Just indicate when to pickle cucumbers.And it is quite wrong and does not meet the spirit of the Indian summer.It is better to assume that it comes with flying gossamer people to put up with each other, sending the conflicts after these weightless strings.