Making NATO

Events late forties of the last century (the threat to the sovereignty of Greece, Norway and Turkey; the coup in Czechoslovakia, the blockade of Berlin (West)) heated up the already complicated international situation.The solution here could be a union, and that was followed by a Brussels Treaty (between Luxembourg, Great Britain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands).It was kind of a common system of defense.

In 1949, after negotiations with Canada and the United States, was signed another one of Washington Treaty.Now in the system were twelve countries: Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, USA, Portugal, France (which withdrew from the Alliance in 1967, due to the internal crisis).Actually, this was the creation of NATO (04.04.1949).At that time, the organization consisted of 12 countries.Creation of NATO at this time is not yet completed.In 1952 Greece and Turkey joined in 1955 - West Germany in 1982 - Spain, in 1999 - the Czech Republic, Poland,

Hungary, in 2004 - all the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia.

Creation of NATO should be guaranteed and the freedom and security of the members entered in both Europe and North America.But what about the rest of the state?And for the rest of the formation of NATO was to become a formidable reputation, having an invincible power and unquestioned authority.

But this requires an impressive machine.He NATO has.In the military-political bloc, due to the vast territory of the 28 countries that have the necessary infrastructure and human resources.Some military experts argue that the structure of NATO's slow and outdated.

Decide for yourself: in the organization of hundreds of departments and various committees with numerous training centers.Only in the apparatus of the Alliance of about 12 000 people, an impressive part of the staff of which is determined in national governments.The senior leadership of the military apparatus in the majority - the Americans.

in the governing bodies (Council of NATO) - Ambassadors of states, permanent representatives.In the Council there is a clear structure of the assembly: the level of ambassadors - once a week;the level of foreign ministers - every 6 months.The Heads of State who are in alliance, going if necessary (as appropriate).

Guide given to the Secretary General of the Alliance.Only here, in the top section, there is a real political power and only here allowed to decide on the strategy and tactics of NATO.For example, we recall that it was the NATO Council was launched wars of Vietnam and Korea;there has been given the green light to the invasion of Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia;here it was approved by the occupation of Afghanistan.Payment for such decisions become millions of lives ...

But its walls NATO strictly adheres to democratic principles, is equal all the members is taken into account in decision-making only the most votes.

The functions of the Committee of defense planning is to ensure safety.This body, called PAC, has equal rights with the Council.Meets twice a year, is composed of the Ministers of Defence are members of the Alliance countries.The purpose of meetings is to assess the opportunities and forces of states that provide a threat to countries of the UN, to develop plans for further action.

supreme military body is the Military Committee (Chiefs of Staff Army).Their competence - Infrastructure Alliance (bases, warehouses, airfields, communications systems).By the way, in Europe, is appointed supreme commander of the only American general.In its submission - three regions: Southern Europe, Severoevropesky, Central European.And this is reflected in the laws of NATO.

NATO also includes a group of nuclear deterrence and rapid reaction military staff (international) and the Economic Committee.

division supervises the secretary general.This is the face of the Alliance at the NATO foreign contacts, and the defendant, and the keynote speaker.The subordinate - a huge staff (of course, international).

History repeatedly proved that any empire (Mongolian, Roman, Soviet Union) reaches the maximum of its development and will be forced to engage in numerous wars, for their own feed myriad army it will not under force.But sooner or later it will either fall from the onslaught of other, new forces, or fall apart from the inability to control the bulky mechanism.Creation of NATO was the formation of an aggressive empire endlessly hungry and thirsty endlessly, to increase capacity for new military operations.History will prove whether his pattern this time?