The main events of the First World War.

consider the main events of World War I:

In June 1914 the murder of Franz Ferdinand, who was the direct heir to the Hungarian throne.From this moment begins a chronology of the First World War

Consequently, in July, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

Main events of the First World War began the twenty-eighth in July 1914 (the date of the official start of the hostilities).

In August, Germany declared war countries such as Russia, France, Luxembourg, Belgium.Germany and the Ottoman Empire signed a secret treaty of alliance.The British Empire is challenging Germany.

Montenegro announces the beginning of the war the Austro-Hungarian Empire.Austro-Hungarian Empire, in turn, Russia.

Serbia and Montenegro declared war on Germany.France and the British Empire declared war on Austria-Hungary.Austria-Hungary - Belgium.

In November 1914, the Entente declared war on the Ottoman Empire.Britain begins naval blockade of Germany.

February 1915 marked a major offensive on the eastern front in Germany.

In April, during the Second Battle of Ypres, German troops started to use chemical weapons.Also, this period was marked by the London agreement between the Entente and Italy.

In May, Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary.

In October, Bulgaria unleashes military actions against Serbia, and in response to the Entente declared war on Bulgaria.

In March 1916 Portugal declared war on Germany.

In June begins Brusilovsky breakthrough, and after - the Arab revolution.

In August, Italy declared war on Germany.

September 1916 was marked by the fact that central powers are united military command.English for the first time in the history of warfare tank used tools Brusilovsky breakthrough, as expected, goes to the end (won by Russian troops).

In February-April 1917, German troops retreating towards the Hindenburg Line.There is a turning point that affected the main events of the First World War.

In March 1917, started the February Revolution in Russia.There abdication of Emperor Nicholas II.The interim government comes to power.The troops of the process of creation of soldiers' committees, which leads to degradation of the Russian army.

In April, the United States declared war on Germany.

In June 1917 the Greek troops go to war, but stick to the Entente.

From July to October 1917 in the war enter the following States: China, Siam, Liberia and Brazil (on the side of the Entente).

In December, the United States declared war on the Austro-Hungarian state.Soviet Russia signed an armistice with Germany.

In February 1918, the Ukrainian People's Republic shall enter into peaceful relations with the Central Powers.Germany, not a peace treaty with Russia resumes military actions that unfolded on the Eastern Front.

In March, Leon Trotsky signed a peace treaty with Germany.

In September and October takes place the Battle of the Hindenburg Line.

In November, as a consequence of the Revolution, Germany is proclaimed a republic.

So, the most important date - the eleventh day of November at five o'clock in the morning, when Germany signed the armistice of Compiegne, at 11.00 formally end hostilities.

This concludes the main events of the First World War.January 10, 1920 is considered the official end of the 1st World War, which is accompanied by the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

First World War, the main events which had such devastating consequences, remembered as victims and as the faltering economy and the welfare of the country.