Classic types of skirts - beyond time and fashion

said that skirt - is the wisdom of women addressed the man ... And it is impossible to disagree.Women's skirt conceals many secrets and mysteries, she attracts the gaze of passers-by and with the same force can deter people from its owner.In addition, some skirt is a woman, can say a lot about her character, style preferences, respect for life, for people, at last, and its status.

skirt was known in ancient times, when it for the convenience and freedom of movement were men as well.Gradually, she migrated to the female wardrobe, which is very tightly settled.And the feeling is very relaxed and businesslike.

styles, models, types, there are a wide variety of skirts for any age, wealth and style.The colors and materials are used in a wide range.

Yet of all varieties accepted to allocate following types of skirts.First and foremost, they are classified by length:

- mini-skirt, the length of which reaches the knees;

- maxi skirt - long.In summer, they are light, flowing (now very favorite skirts ri

pple), and in winter - thick, warm in bad weather to fully experience the warmth and comfort;

- midi skirt - along the length of that somewhere between the first and second embodiment.

Classic skirt can rightly be considered a trapezoid skirt or a skirt in the A-style.Otherwise, it is also called flared skirt.It sits firmly on your hips and extends downward, resembling a trapezoid.Suitable for almost all women and is appropriate in any situation.

skirt sun in his tailoring is reminiscent of the sun, becausethe circle of fabric sewn by one or more seams.It is romantic, so not for the office.This skirt is loved by the ladies with a curvy shape, as is able to hide some error figure.Tall women, it is more appropriate.

The main types include skirts and also a pencil skirt.She hugs the hips, knee-length or slightly below.Typically, the back has a cut.This skirt is ideal for business meetings and office work.

skirt the year can be carried to the most feminine and sophisticated style.It is an eternal classic.She elegantly hugs the hips and bottom, thanks to sewn wedge widens considerably.The length of it, as a rule, a little below the knee.It is suitable for romantic strolls and for business meetings.

quite popular right now are tulip skirts, which have a volume, it is sometimes difficult draped top and, accordingly, a little narrower knee-length bottoms.They can be worn on the job, and an evening rendezvous.Similar to the skirt-tulip skirt balloon.However, it is characterized by podvorot hem at the bottom of the inside of the knee.Top skintight waist.Outwardly, it resembles a sphere.

skirt sewn from several wedges, complements the main types of skirts.She gently envelops the hip is essential for women with curvaceous, Large feet.

At the peak of popularity right now skirts to the knee or mid-calf.They will present romantic sensual image.And the owners of the narrow hips will help to make the figure more appetizing.

Thus, choosing a regular outfit, we must remember the most important rule: the skirt creates a reputation for the hostess.