Shorts with a high waist for all seasons

Shorts with a high waist - the best way to emphasize the wasp waist and long slender legs.That is why the world's designers offer this season to switch from the favorite of all low waist high.Unsubscribe from the usual patterns is difficult, but it is necessary to choose the appropriate style fresh as its benefits become apparent.

Denim shorts never out of fashion, remains not only the most comfortable, but also very erotic and attractive clothing.Shorts with a high waist denim - is no exception.Previously considered informal denim material, but today, when the rules of the dress code broadened the scope of short denim shorts can be worn on the tights, short jackets complement and wear even in the office.This option has been and remains one of the most convenient for city walks.

But the hit of the season was not denim.Shorts with a high waist leather - that's what really fashionable.Such clothing is perfect for the cold season and cool for the summer evenings.Paradoxically, these shorts - not summe

r clothes.They should be worn with thick tights in the fall, spring or winter.Summer leather shorts are not too comfortable.This model is perfectly combined with business clothes.

a surprise from designers for all fashionistas - high-waisted shorts with fur and wool.Extravagant model creates unusual bold images that are solved only desperate fans of fashion.

designers worked on the appearance of the usual fabric shorts.The cut became more spacious, resembling a skirt.Classic shorts do not lose their relevance, since it can be put on almost any occasion.

With regard to color and pattern, the trend in the Scottish cell.Do not hand over the positions white, black, gray and beige colors that are appropriate in any situation.For those who like to attract attention to the fashion shows were presented with blue, red, purple, emerald green shorts.

It is important to choose the right set of shorts with a high waist, otherwise there is a risk that they will look like shorts for boys.Experts recommend to wear shorts with a high waist shoes with high heels.This technique extends the legs as much as possible, making every girl in the model.It will fit well into feminine blouse or shirt.

As the summer version of the shorts suit style sandals.This combination creates an image of the city, which is more suited to young girls.

easiest way to get a perfect sitting shorts, joining them on their own.The main thing in this case - the correct measurements.You should not reduce itself to the waist or hips - there is a risk not to get into the product, and based on these measurements crafty.It is necessary to take measurements free to get easy to put on shorts and did not look small.Sew pants pretty simple.You can decorate them to your liking, taking into account how and what they planned to wear.If shorts are too distracting from the overall wardrobe, it is unlikely that they will be popular dress.And what should be combined with almost any clothing, requires complete renovation graderoba.