For those who are planning to open a travel agency: the important moments and secrets of success

In recent decades, tourism has developed at an unprecedented rate.And because there are many people who want to open a travel agency.Certainly, and you had no time to see and hear advertisements from previously unknown organizations.However, this sphere is considered to be highly competitive, so if you do not think about everything carefully, you can very quickly "burn itself out" and lose all the money invested.

First of all you need to recognize the global nature of one of the most common myths about open if your travel company is simple.Many people think that all you need to do - rent an office, to put people to take orders from customers and swim in the money.However, wishing to open a travel agency does not take into account one fact.The fact that 99% of people are willing to pay more, but use the services of well-known and has long been the authority of the company.

Let's find out what it takes to open a travel agency.


begin work without it you can not do.And the requirements for

obtaining a license are serious enough - at least 20% of your employees must have a university degree, or at least an additional secondary specialized education in this area.Another option - to have at least 3 years of experience in this business.For managers of travel agencies, these two requirements are combined.Licenses are issued by the Department of Tourism Economic Development.And you have to be prepared by the office and all the relevant documents.All other costs must be added the cost of rent (about 60 days, when the Tourism Department will review your application).

Other certificates

addition to the license, you will need a certificate which confirms that the services provided by your agencies comply with the current standards.And a health certificate certifying that you have passed courses where you told in detail what tropical diseases may await tourists.


If you set out to open a travel agency, elaborate interior of office - from it will largely depend on the impression your customers.The room must be several phones and a dedicated online.On the walls of the office should hang as many diplomas and certificates.They contribute to the growth of confidence in you on the part of customers.


If you want to open a travel agency in the high season, it is better to start to prepare for 2-3 months.The second half of April, June and September and the end of November-December - the most profitable periods in tourism.But the "stagnation" can be called in October, January, February, and to some extent in March.


you need to deploy a large-scale marketing campaign in the network, as well as to describe their services in the print media of the city.Afford to advertise on TV or radio may be only a few agencies.

difficulties begin Agency

the first year is very difficult.At least due to the fact that it is not formed a complete customer base.Loyal customers are beginning to appear only on the 2-3rd year.On the 3rd, in addition, many employers refuse to deal with the idea of ​​agency, since there is a feeling of stagnation in some cases.At this stage, a 40% drop out agencies.However, remaining permanently fixed in its niche.

costs and profits

If you think about how to open a travel agency in Russia, you should take into account expenses such as office rent, advertising campaign, wages and various taxes.Startups rarely cross the bar in 50 trips per month, although the larger and more well-known competitors in the high season can be serviced and 200 and 300 clients.The profit comes at the expense of the contract with the tour operator (which also pre-negotiated share of agency commissions).The average price of tickets - $ 400.A commission rate often is about 10%.After simple calculations, we obtain a monthly income of $ 2 to 8000 USD