What blender choose: fixed or immersion?

known that the main purpose of the blender is to whisk, chop products.Since in our shops you can find two kinds of blenders, therefore you have a question, a better blender, immersion or stationary?You can also find a combined view of the blender.This article will deal with what the blender to choose and why.

Hand blender

So, the simplest model of blender - a submersible version.The housewives circles, he is known as a hand blender.Simply put, this is a stick blender fitted with a special attachment.The functional part of the blender to grind the vegetables and fruit, mash, prepared cocktails, etc.The longer the process the blender, the more homogeneous is the mass.It is worth noting that the blender is very easy to use, for this reason, he gained popularity in the market.In addition, this type of blenders can do without special supports.It should also be noted that hand blenders unpretentious they milled products in a different container, whether it is a wide, high or low.It all depends on how yo

u want.Set hand blender, in addition to knives, includes a whisk, measuring cup, as well as wall mounting system.

blender in the beaker

Another type - landline blender, which is a cup equipped with built-in knives.The answer to the question, what blender you choose depends on what he should be able to perform.For example, a stationary blender approach to beating all sorts of liquid cocktails.Well it and to grind meat and fish, although in small quantities.This type copes with the duty of whipping cream and cook mashed vegetables.It is important to remember that the number of products processed blender, is limited by its capacity bowl.

Thus, we can conclude that both the first and second model blenders poses a general problem - a crushing and beating products.Only the difference is still there.And it is in ergonomics, to the extent possible processed foods.And based on this should already be based preferences about how to choose a blender.

The set of stationary machines exclude additional beaters and knives, so you have to use it in the form in which it entered the factory.And if we talk about hand blenders models, they are equipped with a variety of different knives, as well as additional accessories.This distinction can be useful if you have a need to use great possibilities blender.

Today there are a large number of different models of blenders.For example, the model MR 6550 Blender has many options for configuration.Positive feedback model uses Bosch MSM, reliable and relatively inexpensive are options such as a blender Tefal and Moulinex.

series of stationary models of blenders Bosch are powerful and attractive design.A set of Philips blender includes additional nozzles designed for grinding nuts and coffee.

Many women take the question of whether the blender replace such devices as a grinder and mixer.The answer is: in principle, it is possible.But this answer is one "but".

What blender is easy to replace the mixer, there is no doubt.It is equipped with a special blender attachment in the form of the corolla, which is nothing Unlike conventional mixer.A dough for the cake, for example, can be whipped using simple knives.And the problem is solved.And if we have to replace a meat grinder blender?Which to choose a blender, then?

It's all a bit complicated.Since not every model blender can handle the meat.You need to buy a kit, which includes steel knives that just cope with the grinding of solid elements.Incidentally, commercially available devices equipped with knives for chopping ice.Hence, meat such devices on the right of "Hurrah."Thus, choose a blender - the task is not so difficult, the main thing to know exactly the result that your device should be able to do.