A native of Mexico - Colorado potato beetle ... How he conquered Europe?

They say that if you have a safety pin has not crossed the Channel, something about it to no one knew anything.This holds true for Colorado potato beetle, which conquered America, Germany, France, Poland, and in 1949 entered the territory of the USSR.Since then, he remains one of the main characters in all agricultural expanses of Russia.Planting tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes - it's his diocese.By itself, the Colorado potato beetle is small, it is very big handsome.So small, zhёltenky, with ten strips on the back arched.At beetle has wings, but it does not fly so often.If the weather is nice, warm and slightly windy, it dissolves the wings and flies to explore new territory at a rate of up to eight kilometers per hour.

Colorado potato beetle feeds exclusively poisonous corned beef available in the Solanaceae plant leaves, so he is very fond of potato tops.Oh, it is very poisonous, and leaves it - so soft!Rather, it fed not so much a bug as his voracious offspring.The concentration of toxic substance

s in it is very large, so no bird did not eat.

Worldwide, it is believed that this beetle - Colorado, but the US state of Colorado, he has an indirect relationship.By origin Solanaceae leaf beetle is a native of northeastern Mexico.There, in the province of Sonora, had huge plantations solanaceous plants, which lived before, and is now home to the family Solanaceae beetles, divided into fifty species.One species migrated through the American desert and the two appeared first settlers in the settlements, develop land Nebraska.The inhabitants of this land grew a lot of potatoes, they fought as best they could, with orange pest, but the publicity this phenomenon did not give.

Five years later he was found settlers, is situated on the slopes of the mountains of Colorado.Their huge plantations of potatoes were eaten by the larvae of orange.This happened in 1859.Farmers Colorado did not remain silent, they announced the terrible beetle around the world, so he became famous as the Colorado, but nobody really knew where he came from, how to call and how to fight it.

After five years of voracious insect feeding on potato leaves, already moaning Pennsylvania, then won the Colorado potato beetle, potato plantations along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.In the late nineteenth century it was discovered, farmers in Germany.German authorities have banned the import of potatoes from America, because only there could appear in their fields Colorado potato beetle.The struggle with him began with the mobilization of army units.

Military infected dig wide field ditches, poured oil on the affected areas and set fire to them.Potato fields blazing fire.The chemical industry offers the latest pesticides.Earth herbs and burned again.As a result, the following year for potatoes, planted on an experimental plot, did not sit neither beetle.It will not appear on the beetles and a year.But when in the third year of the field were re-planted with potatoes, potato beetle appeared calm and began to eat it.It turned out that he has six forms of rest and can withstand several years diapause.By the beginning of World War II, the Colorado beetle conquered almost the whole of France, and during the war - Poland.