The history of world civilizations - the amazing discovery of ancient times

transition from primitive society, when talking about the existence of any significant public institutions did not make sense to the primary civilizations, became a true breakthrough in the development of mankind.Unfortunately, to date the moment is quite difficult, primarily due to the fact that the history of world civilization does not have any common to them all the time classification.

such advanced nations as ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Japan, Babylon or civilization of the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas existed not only often in isolation from each other, but in different time intervals.It is very difficult, according to scientists, the ability to somehow organize features of ancient civilizations, as well as track their detailed history.

Today, historians tend to need a separate study of various ancient peoples with the mandatory tracking of their mutual influences.But, nevertheless, certain common for all these civilizations particularly still possible.So, the most important featu

re that characterizes the history of ancient civilizations, is the emergence of writing.This fact is confirmed by indisputable historical documents, architectural monuments and folk legends.With the advent of writing simpler system of transfer of knowledge from one generation to another and, therefore, began to form a history of world civilization.

But it is worth noting that not all ancient peoples once got written and, nevertheless, their history is preserved to this day.The most striking example of this is the ancient city of Troy.The Greeks learned about it from the blind Homer, who was able to hold the event in the memory of ancient eras, heard them before, and tell them to their countrymen.For years, these events were considered nothing more than a myth, a nice fiction, and scientists were skeptical about the possibility of the existence of Troy in reality.But in 1873 the world was presented irrefutable evidence of the existence of the city covered with legends - a German businessman and a Russian merchant named Heinrich Schliemann was able to unearth the wall, even described by Homer.And along with them, and he found a considerable amount of gold jewelry belonging to the Trojans.

Since then, the history of ancient civilizations has been subject to more scrutiny than historians and archaeologists around the world has increased the intensity of the excavations on the territory of Turkey, Egypt and Greece.Collected in the course of these studies the data brought to science a lot more questions than answers.Found evidence of an unusually high level of development of some classical civilizations have set up a blind alley.To explain the existence of the eternal lamp of the ancient Egyptian priests and pharaohs, to understand that, from the pyramids to the model aircraft, is strikingly similar to modern aircraft, explain exactly astronomical observations Mayan and Aztec on the basis of the knowledge available to us is very difficult.That is why the history of world civilization is still full of mysteries, over which probably will be fighting more than one generation of scientists trying to find the truth.After all, not all historic monuments found and deciphered all the written sources, but interest in it is not quenched.

Answers to questions about the authors of ancient pyramids, the Mayan calendar, the origin of the Greek gods are still not found.The number of hypotheses is growing year by year, many skeptical with respect to the traditional science talk about intervention of extraterrestrial intelligence in the work of our ancestors, and hence the history of world civilizations still present us a lot of surprises.