Why do we need an accountant calendar?

accountant - a co-worker who always has to be aware not only of how things are in the company in financial terms, but also about what day it is.He can not afford to forget about the dates, since there are certain deadlines for the various accounting reports, which, it is worth noting, quite a lot.If you do not pass this or that report on time, you can get not only a reprimand from the head, but a huge fine for the whole company, which lay upon him authority requiring the report.Sometimes these fines represent 50% of the profit that a substantial impact on the budget of the company.Naturally, after this incident, the accountant is unlikely to keep their job.

That is why all accountants, and especially the main interested to take all the time, and preferably in advance.That's calendar and helps accountants.Skilled workers have long enjoyed a similar reminder.It is very comfortable.

The fact is that before the accountants were such calendars yourself.Now there is a single calendar USN accountant, whic

h can be downloaded online.Print and hang on the wall.The dates correspond to the year in which he released a calendar for bookkeeping all enterprises in the country.

You can act like you want: download ready USN calendar or the old fashioned way to create your own.If you want to do it yourself, then first check with the boss all the dates on which will need to pass a particular report.Then refer to the law on accounting and amendments to the year in which you are working.And only after all dates will come together, start to draw up a calendar accountant.

Divide the sheet into 4 columns - is the 4th quarter.In each quarter note the date and the name of the report, the deadline is coming out in these numbers.Highlight in red the most important reports: quarterly and annual results.

now briefly go through the main object of the calendar, one of the most important reports for the tax service must be provided in time.It is for your report and your computing income and expenses will be set tax profit for your business.This organization does not tolerate delays.

Calendar accountant should abound for tax reporting dates.

second important kind of reports - statistical.As a rule, calendars used abbreviations: NO - tax records, CO - statistical.The latter is necessary for the assembly of the company, as well as to the authorities could take stock of the company and find out which industries are in this reporting period are less profitable.Allow reports of this kind, and to understand how justified are these or other costs.

Use this calendar will allow you to always be on top and to show the most important accounting quality in their work.And it is primarily the responsibility, accuracy and reliability.If you do your job well and to take all reports on time, without forcing management to worry about this, the salary increase is not long to wait.Good and responsible employees are always noticed and encouraged.

How does it work?Calendar accountant is something like the organizer that allows you to plan your time wisely.You will see that you need to do in the near future, and this will help you distribute things by the hour.Calendar accountant brings only advantages to its users: you'll never have to sit behind the numbers and calculator at night, making a record that you have to take in the near future.Now you do things gradually, eliminating even the possibility of Abraham and nights at work.