Spider-wolf - swiftness skillful hunter

wolf spider - amazing arthropod.Their anatomy and appearance it is a little different from other kinds of spider, but it has some unique features and hunting habits.All kinds of spiders of this family have a very widespread purely individual traits.Their only common characteristic is rapid.This is a very fast moving and arthropods.However, first things first.

family of arachnids with the title "Spider-wolf" has more than a hundred births, which is fast reaction of a born hunter, incredible prytkost and developed movable body.Today already opened more than two thousand species of these insects.Arthropods family of wolf spiders are found on all continents of the world, except for the cold and little habitable Antarctica.

These insects prefer moist warm climates, the richest food.They are often found in forests, shrubs, herbaceous undergrowth, sometimes their habitats is a swampy area.Spider-wolf through his coloring, which can range from black and gray to yellow color, is fluent in the art of camou

flage.Often it is simply indistinguishable in fallen leaves or under stones.

spiders of this family are usually small in size, but their size can also vary quite a significant range from tiny specimens length of just over one millimeter to individuals, the amount of which exceeds four centimeters.The body shape of wolf spiders is typical for all kinds of spider has four pairs of legs and head, performing traditional functions of all living beings breath, food and view.

Living these spiders, species of which are extremely varied, from one year to several years.All known species of wolf spiders life expectancy varies somewhat.Members of this family prefer a solitary lifestyle.They migrate in search of food or to equip a small mink if the area is rich in food.The basis of their diet consists of various insects, which is also traditional for arachnids.This family of arthropods plays a very important role in stabilizing the ecosystem, destroying pests, and peddlers infections.

wolf spiders do not spin the usual other arachnids Putin.They have their own original hunting techniques.They prefer to ambush technique, trapping their prey in a secluded place and lashing out at her sudden leap.But the most original in their hunting tactic is that while they insure themselves, tying the end of a thin but extremely strong and springy to the web at its launch.

wolf spiders are nocturnal predators, but also during the day try not to miss the opportunity to attack the careless victim, whether it's a beetle, a fly or a larva, happened to be close to their shelters.

This method of hunting is more characteristic of a mammal predators than insects, requires not only strong limbs, responsiveness, prytkosti but excellent view.All these wolf spiders are fully vested.The visual system of these arthropods is very peculiar device.They are endowed with three rows of visual organs.The bottom consists of four small eyes, the middle row - two large, on the sides and in the middle of the head is still located on the two eyes.In addition, they have well-developed sense of smell.The combination of all these qualities and made wolf spiders magnificent hunters.