How to choose a bike

Buying a bike seemingly trifling matter, but actually before you decide to buy 10 times all you need to weigh carefully.Bicycling is bought, can not once in his life, but certainly for a long time.

Selection Criteria bicycle

When buying a bicycle is the paramount need to consider the purpose of its use.It is clear that for the movement, but in which way, at what speed, what is the optimal weight of the bike and how it should be in terms of technical equipment.And of course should take into account its financial possibilities, the prices for the different bikes, which plays a role in the selection.

  1. mountain bike.

intended for off-road driving, but quite often it is used for daily travel.

This bike is reliable, its parts endurance, it is equipped with a convenient driving, it has low transmission for easy driving uphill.

Mountain biking is quite heavy, but with him trip over rough terrain will be a pleasure.In the merit of the tire tread.For soft surface coating recommended for rough, narrow and

smooth tires - for the hard road.

2. Traffic (road) bike.Light has a larger diameter wheels and narrow tires.For aerodynamic position cyclist and speed dial features a low-speed bicycle wheel.

3. The hybrid bicycle.Do not pretend to win people wishing to travel anywhere and everywhere, choose a versatile bike that combines the best qualities of the first two.

Just sold bicycles for children and teenagers, comfortable with a comfortable fit and better entourage, the original Cruisers.Quite original and unusual bikes Schwinn - stylish cruisers for two-wheeled and three cruisers, functional - with a planetary gear, a seven-speed, and others.Additional factors

select bike

  1. model and frame size, suitable for the growth of the buyer.

carbon frame - the easiest, but the preference is to give or aluminum (at least easy), or "regular" (cheap).

  1. height of the steering wheel and seat width.In these parts is not worth saving, but also do not need to pay.
  2. discs and brake.For driving and on the highway, and the forest needed to fly the double wheels.In the highlands of conventional brakes wear out quickly on this, it is necessary to take the disc.
  3. tires.Rigid Floor prefer slick tires with little tread, forest and sandy road require movement to a "rough".
  4. Women.To fit the feminine growth.They are beautiful, bright and stylish.Traditionally used for street walks and trips to the store.

Cheap models of bicycles rather inconvenient, they are difficult and sometimes impossible to repair, moreover, they are very heavy.It is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable prices and the best technical capabilities of the vehicle.