The origin of the Slavs.

Slavs (under that name), according to some researchers, have appeared in history only in the 6th century AD.However, the language is archaic features ethnic Indo-European community.This, in turn, suggests that the origin of the Slavs has deep roots.

According to some researchers, tribes inhabited the land from the Dnieper to the Western Bug.At the same time, the settlement called 1st millennium BC.e.

theory of the origin of the Slavs are based on the existence of tribal characteristics in different cultures at different times.For example, some researchers pay attention to trzciniec culture of the Bronze Age (about 1450-1100 in. BC. E.).It occupies the area from the Oder to the Dnieper.Judging by the language features trzciniec culture was located in close proximity to the Baltic States.In the very civilization researchers note that there are two different ethnic groups with different burial rites ("burials" and "cremation").In this rite "burials" is similar to Balt culture.

more detailed study trz

ciniec culture leads to the conclusion that maybe it first touched the Slavic tribes and Baltic countries.This civilization refers to various facts proximity of the two peoples.However, at the same time the question arises, whence came the Slavs.It should be noted that for the first time this culture (Slavs) was found by Polish scientists.However, they did not anticipate that civilization spread to the Dnieper.Subsequently, it is here (on the Dnieper) identified the most significant features of culture.

According to some authors, the spread of civilization has not passed from west to east and vice versa, from east to west.But this conclusion was somewhat flawed.Historical data confirm the presence of carcass culture in the eastern territories.As part of this civilization no place Slavic or Slavonic tribes.Thus, researchers have paid attention to the south-western area.

Considering the archaic language, historians have suggested that the origin of the Slavs, linked to the development of Indo-European tribes.These peoples have, according to scientists, a significant influence on the development of Slavic culture.

origin of the Slavs, the addition of their culture was under the influence of tribes with the rites of burial in stone boxes.Particular importance is attached to civilization Beaker.

According to some researchers, the Slavic culture combines the several races, including Caucasian, light pigmentation, temnopigmentirovanny, dolichocephalic, brachycephalic southern European type.

researchers today is difficult to determine the stages of language development.It is unclear whether the Slavic language has come to Central Europe in the "ready, as the formed" or is formed by mixing folk culture Beaker and representatives of other nationalities related to the roots of civilization tribes Corded Ware.

course, prolonged the neighborhood had an impact on the interpenetration of Proto-Slavic, Celtic and Illyrian, Venetic language.Thus, there is a continuous mutual assimilation and there were intermediate dialects in the various tribal groups.

conclusion that the origin of the Slavs is connected with the territory, which was born and Indo-European civilization, based on the books about the craft of terminology (the Slavs it was close to the ancient Roman) for the names of rivers and other place names in the territory of the right bank of the Dnieper, where there are alsoIllyrian peoples.In addition, there is evidence of the chroniclers that Ruses and Slavs came to the territory of Danube.