Good place to relax - karting Krasnoputilovskaya

Karting is one of the outdoor activities that is gaining popularity among the inhabitants of Russia.On foreign expanses of such entertainment has gained extraordinary success, and the demand continues to grow with each passing day.

This high degree of popularity among people of all ages and gender, with the skills of different levels, can be easily explained.An ordinary person without professional skills can be satisfied with a feeling close to those experienced by the pilot of "Formula 1".Instead indomitable sports car provides a safe means of transportation.Karting Center on Krasnoputilovskaya, 69 is one of the entertainment facilities, where you can raise the level of adrenaline in the company of their friends.In addition, visitors are invited to a lot of interesting.


Center is ready to accept those wishing to go on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 15.00 to 1.00, as well as on weekends (Saturday - from 12 to 1.00, Sunday - from 12 to 24.00).You can get to the metro station "Leninsky Pr



advantages that karting Krasnoputilovskaya more than others.Now in a new route, the route scheme will be available to the public in the near future.

main length is 250 meters and the race one lap lasts about half a minute.The rate of passage is approximately 36 km / h.To get the most positive emotions recommended to pass at least five cards.The highest permissible number of cars in one race - seven pieces.Also, fans of active recreation features a cafe, located on the fifth floor, with windows is visible from a great view of St. Petersburg.

Those who are going to try go-kart for the first time, it is useful to video instructions, which details the rules of arrival and safety while driving.To view this information, a special room, which is in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining.Anyone who decided to spend your free time visiting karting Krasnoputilovskaya receive a lot of positive emotions and a charge of drive.The administration has taken care of smokers.Now, specially designated for this purpose space is located on the territory of the center, it will not have to go far, and during the break you can enjoy the view began to arrival.

Additional services

addition to standard services karting Krasnoputilovskaya offers the organization and conduct of corporate events where you can spend a memorable time with their working team.After arrival, you can refresh yourself and gain strength for dine buffet table.

This scale measures is gaining popularity among the rest of collective recreation.Large groups of visitors a discount.


For those who are tired of the monotony occurring days missed enchanting emotions and wants to add a spark to life, the right option - karting Krasnoputilovskaya.Prices of arrival vary depending on the length and of the day during which the rest passes.For example, a ticket for ten minutes on weekdays costs 450 rubles, at the weekend it will cost 550 rubles.A quarter of an hour has a cost of 550 and 700 rubles.respectively.For children the cost of arrival changes.The visitors invited to the mini-tournament, which on a weekday will cost 2900, and the output - 3600 rubles.On the road you can also call the whole family.The cost of the week will be in 1900 and at the weekend - 2500 rubles.

For corporate customers a special offer, under which the value is 9 thousand. Rubles / hour.This amount includes: equipment, organization of a competitive tournament, timing and awarding ceremony of the arrival, which provided for the presentation of medals.The action applies to weekday - Mon-Thurs., Periods of validity is limited.

opinions of people who have already visited the institution

Those who visited karting Krasnoputilovskaya, leave positive feedback.According to customers, the center has an interesting route winding route, which makes keeping attention not to miss the next turn.

Price Check is available even for students who love to spend leisure time, indulging in outdoor activities.Some say that the smell of hot rubber helps to immerse themselves in the real atmosphere of the real car racing.According to the visitors, the main advantage of the track is that it is covered.That is, the rest can not prevent any driving rain nor wind nor cold.


If lacking in the life of drive, go-kart on Krasnoputilovskaya provide it to the first race.And if you have any questions, they can ask, call +7 812 677 09 69.