What should be left doll "Bon Bon" in the girl's life?

Child development is impossible without toys, but each doll or a machine having a positive impact on the child.How many cases have been when due skip feeding "Tamagotchi" children become aggressive and violent.Consider the article the advantages and disadvantages of popular toys, such as dolls, "Bon Bon".

Advantages dolls "Baby Bon"

doll the size of this baby is able to eat, write, cry, poop, laugh (every model its functions).Due to the fact that the doll in appearance and functionality similar to that of newborn girls more carefully apply to such toys.

children develop moral qualities: diligence, care, kindness, patience, empathy, compassion, love.The girl clearly realizes that the doll "Bon Bon" can break if drink juice or lemonade, not that porridge to feed, leave in the water or in the sun, do not follow the instructions.Therefore, children learn to be responsible, disciplined and self-reliant.

Games such dolls enhance the emotional sphere, imagination, imagination.Girls before beginning to

play on their own without the participation of mothers and master role-playing games.With the participation of developing adult vocabulary and outlook.

What lacks is a doll "Baby Bon"?

Girl tied to the doll, as a sister, or your child, while in the case of failure in children starts a lot of stress.The sensitive nature may refuse to eat or capricious about the fact that their doll does not eat, does not drink, does not sleep.

Children can develop bad moral character (greed, jealousy, aggression), if someone from friends casually take this toy.But it is important to teach children to express their feelings and words to explain why with interactive toys must be handled carefully.

Another embarrassing moment for parents - a constant expenditure on the doll.Namely the purchase of various accessories (prams for dolls "Baby Bon", clothing, bags, trucks, houses, rocking, friends), a special pot mixes.If improperly using the dolls can deteriorate in appearance, due to their complex structure.Therefore, read the instructions, where each step is registered and possible problem situations with their decision.

What are the dolls "Bon Bon", and how to handle them?

Every year a manufacturer launches a new interactive doll, that are designed for specific actions with them.For example, toys from the series "Feed me" can eat, drink and defecate, and a version of "I can swim," allows you to bathe a doll.Toys can be purchased separately, then the additional purchasing additional accessories, or purchase in sets.

Each doll has its own guide, consider the rules for handling "Baby Bon" from the series "Feed me."

  1. Doll allowed to drink from the bottle in an upright position, and you need to give to eat in the supine position.
  2. Treat for only clean water, or the mechanism fails.
  3. porridge prepared from special powders.
  4. After feeding, be sure to put on a pot with a small indentation dolls in it.
  5. appearance of tears is necessary to drink bottles of 1.5 doll.
  6. After bathing doll to dry.
  7. After feeding toy washed inside.

Interactive dolls "Bon Bon" - is expensive and unusual toys.It is better to make such gifts schoolgirls who will treat with care fragile doll.