How to lay laminate flooring?

industry now offers a wide range of different floor coverings.Amid all this abundance of laminate deserves special attention.Compared to its direct competitor price - linoleum - it has a number of advantages:

  • a high wear resistance when compared to models such coatings with equal value;
  • lay laminate flooring in a small house you can own just a few hours;
  • higher insulating properties, even without any additional substrates;
  • Moving laminate to simulate expensive types of wood coatings, but linoleum is a more recognizable.

assume that the choice is made in favor of such a laminate floor.A reasonable question arises - how to lay laminate flooring?Frankly, in the global network has a huge number of instructions and recommendations, and many even with explanatory video, but their main drawback is that in most cases completely ignored some important points.For example, if a person wants to learn how to lay laminate flooring, he offers instruction acceptable to expensive proprietary brands.But the midd

le and lower price categories covered enough.Logically, allowing purchase of high-end laminate flooring, hardly anyone will read as laying the laminate independently and to save on paper handlers.

So we tried one article consider the recommendations of experts and its own experience and offer instructions on how to lay laminate.Its distinguishing feature - flexibility.These points are relevant for both luxury and budget brands for laminate.Well, let's start.

Knowing the area of ​​the room, you can easily calculate the necessary amount of packages.Now the first important point: you must purchase the mirror insulation rolls - such a substrate is required.It will not only reduce gulkost but insulated panels.Also, if the floor is not perfectly flat (may be the difference in levels of less than 2 mm per meter), you should think about the sheets of chipboard, OSB, plywood and so on.

Before laying the necessary to give packaging laminate lie down in a room of at least 3 days.If you want to install on the floor above the sheets, aligning levels - this is the second important point.The greater the curvature of the floor (depression, pit), the higher the probability of occurrence of discrepancies castles and small, but significant gaps between the strips.Now roll out insulation, sound insulation.Laminated Panel recommended to lay in such a way that light falls parallel to the lines of the joint.We start with the most noticeable place (usually on the door).Retreat from the wall about 10 mm and place the first panel.Take a second and butted to an end the first, then a third - while allowing the length of the room.All current models come with a locking compound, so there is usually no difficulty: the groove in the stud, etc.The last strip rotated 180 degrees, celebrating the band with the help of the construction area and cut off the excess with a hacksaw (from the very walls of 10 mm).The result is a large strip of the entire length of the room.The third important point: although often recommend padding to do more, because not to do so.The width of the plinth may not be sufficient to close the lumen.Similarly, we collect the following strip.Then connect them castles.If there is a special set of installation, it is possible to prepare an extra panel of the nozzle and through tapping a hammer on the band, providing a dense dock.The joint must be visible.Thus hiding the whole room.The latter band is reduced in width (10 mm from the wall).Inciting hammer closing locks.At the end of the plinth is set.One last recommendation: a person hard to dock the strip of great length, so must have at least one assistant.