How to build a hut in the woods or in the yard

Modern urban life is so entered our everyday life, things that have for decades seemed quite commonplace and familiar, today went to section exotic abilities available only to professional visitors.Homo sapiens to such a degree estranged from nature, that, deprived of the usual comfort comfortable apartments, he is no longer able to produce their own food and water, and the question of "how to build a tent" and does cause a slight bewilderment.

In order to fill this "gap" in knowledge of the city dweller, it is reasonable to talk about how to arrange a sufficiently safe and convenient place for temporary accommodation in the woods.Perhaps this information is useful if you want to during the rest of a country to surprise children and may prove invaluable in the situation is more serious.

to temporary shelter staid more than a few minutes before to build a hut, you must select the place where it will be located.The main requirements that this place should be responsible:

  • protection from rain and a
    ny other manifestations of the elements;
  • proximity to the source of drinking water and fuel;

Since most hut built in the summer, the default will be assumed that the construction of this season happens.In addition, we assume that no tarpaulin tents or other hand there.Since the presence of the covering material, and greatly simplifies the task of detailed explanation, it seems to me, is not required.

as the basis around which the structure will be built, traditionally chosen a fallen tree.If that is not nearby, the role of the carcass may be strong enough to play a two-branched at the ends of the pole.They were driven into the ground, and then with the help of a third cross form the base of the roof."Skeleton" tent ready.

now necessary to form the wall.In order to be strong enough, at an angle to the base of the roof set zherdin several thinner and to give greater stability and design density weave therebetween transversely flexible threads.After that cover the walls of a makeshift shelter spruce branches and leafy.Particular attention should be paid to the fact that form the roof of the tent must be the same as any other roof.That is, first lower stack layer and subsequent attached so that the next row overlaps the first.For greater safety of the heat can be additionally cover the walls with grass and leaves.I think that now the question "how to build a hut," you have an answer.

hut in the yard and the house

In addition, a tent can be a wonderful refuge and place of games for young researchers.It is worth noting that little mischievous with indescribable delight accept the idea of ​​creating in the backyard cottage or country house of his own corner.Method of construction, as well as architectural forms, such shelters - weight.Restrict them can only your imagination, complemented by children's enthusiasm.We give only a few.

So, how to make a tent for the children so that it performs its function and thus was safe enough?To do this, you must use enough light, but dense materials, and the construction itself must be strong enough not to fall apart by a gust of wind or careless touch.

most simple - cloth baby huts.Only in the choice of material is necessary to pay attention to its water repellency and air permeability.While no one prohibits the use of an ordinary sheet.So, the main types of lung tents for children:

  1. Tent-tent.The principle of its construction ingeniously simple.Take hoop standard diameter and is attached to a tree branch or other vertical support.After that it stretched the fabric, the lower ends of which are fixed in any convenient way for you.
  2. hut in Indian style.Constructed in the image of the lodge.
  3. traditional tent-tent.The frame is formed in the same manner as in the arrangement of the dwelling in the forest (described above), changing only the material of the walls, which are replaced with a cloth.

This - the simplest examples.Do not be afraid to include imagination, you will find a lot of options on how to build a hut.