How to implement zoning studio

studio owners are typically single people, couples or young families with a child.And if one person to deal with them easier, the residence in the small space between two people with different characters (not to mention the presence of a young child) necessarily requires a very thorough approach to the proper allocation of scarce living space.

One of the main tricks to combine in one room and an office, and a bedroom and living room, is considered zoning studio, which gives it a universal character to hide from prying eyes used to sleep intimate space, create a sense of comfort and coziness.

In order to realize this difficult undertaking, it is necessary to create a very peculiar interior design, by the way, because of its special originality, absolutely no reason to be afraid.One can hardly be called a smart and beautiful room in which the walls plays a role, for example, a case or a hastily knocked together out of plywood wall.To carry out competent zoning room apartment and at the same time to a

chieve a stunning effect allow it modern innovative design techniques.Therefore, anyone who decided to make his small apartment exclusive room to be ready for the fact that the need to use only fresh and innovative ideas.

The most radical way to increase the useful area is considered scrapping the wall between the kitchen and the living room and the creation of a kind of studio apartments.This technique zoning exercise studio is much easier, especially with the right selection of furniture.The resulting free space can be used at their discretion, and is replaced by a wall to put any barrier, which at any time can be separated from the living-kitchen area, a bar counter or table top flap - a lot of options.In those cases, if the apartment is equipped with a balcony, it is also possible to use it and create an additional small room - room or bed.However, for this loggia have thoroughly warmed, but the effect achieved entirely offset material costs.

also as elements used in the zoning now very successfully used for a variety of room partitions.The most economical option - to block the room sectional furniture or a screen of more expensive is very popular glass or mirrored walls.

very kind of solution would be equipping the podium.Carries with it a studio apartment zoning allows not only a very peculiar way to limit the functional regions.You can also equip a small podium pantry storage.

Everyone knows what a great role play of light and color in decorating the premises.Equally important is the choice of color and zoning.Light colors allow the main walls of the room to make the room visually more spacious and more comfortable, and adding darker colors in areas where there are beds, allowing to divert attention from them.A variety of the spotlights, floor lamps and sconces will not only zoned room night with the help of lighting, but also to keep the room dark corners for rest and sleep.

As for furniture, it in a small apartment must be exactly as long as necessary for a comfortable stay.Done useless to force extra chairs, tables and ottomans scarce space.In addition, the best place to buy furniture on wheels, so you can always transform a room, changed its appearance and create new zones.

The practical application of all of the above methods, adding their own original solutions and ideas to help make a small one-room apartment a really comfortable and functional.