How to install an outlet on its own

Few think about what would happen if suddenly stopped working all electrical outlets.This indispensable and habitual attribute of each room only pay attention when suddenly begins to spark plug or stop working.This happens usually when was made an incorrect installation or selected the wrong type of device.Therefore, every handyman needs to know how to properly install the outlet in order to avoid later occurrence of unpleasant situations.

Today, the market can find various kinds and types of outlets, differing from each other by their functional purpose, shape, color, degree of protection.As for appearance parameters, in this case it is best to rely on his own taste.If we talk about the features here when you buy should be careful, because there are as ordinary instruments, and special "earthing-pin", which must be installed to connect the devices that require grounding.Furthermore, sockets are internal and external.Recent designed for installation in places where the power cord is located directly o

n the wall.

There are some basic rules on how to install the correct outlet.According to standard outlet should be located at a distance of 110 cm from the floor.However, in recent years have increasingly started to use the so-called European standard socket and set slightly above the floor skirting, allowing you to place the wires directly from the floor and makes their position more noticeable and attractive.The only drawback of this option - if the family has small children, it is better to put the socket with a secure entrance.From every possible outlet pipes should be separated at least half a meter away, and going to her electrical wires should be placed 15 cm above the floor.This is necessary in order not to damage the wiring during installation moldings.

used for mounting the hidden and open way.How to install the outlet open way, usually no one particular does not cause problems, because in this case, all the wires and sockets clam terminals in sight.The only thing you need to remember to do - is to install a special protective lining of her and leave a small supply of electrical wire (just in case).

the question of how to install the outlet flush, everything depends on what all planned activities: regular replacement of the defective unit or installation of the new.Replace obsolete outlet simply, this just need Okrut old and in its place attach a new one.But in order to carry out the new electrical wiring in the wall have prodolbit trough for wires and a niche for a new outlet.For this purpose, it is best to use the hammer, in the absence of the latter approach and chisel.The trough is inserted into the electric wire, its ends are threaded into the mounting box, which is fixed in the hole of a plaster solution or alabaster.After drying the solution can be safely carried out the connection sockets.All remaining groove in the wall with electrical wiring must be carefully paint over plaster mortar or cement.You can use the device only when the solution is completely dry up.

In carrying out all the works on installation of electrical wiring must carefully observe safety rules, which are not that complicated.It is enough to turn off the electricity from the main network, then you can safely begin to implement the steps above.

These simple tips on how to install the rosette on its own, help handyman to carry out all installation work without assistance, efficiently and quickly.