What is the best aerogrill?

All fans to experiment in cooking various dishes sure to meet with the miracle of home appliances under the name aerogrill.Aerogrill is excellent combination of features of various home appliances, we are accustomed to use in the kitchen.What is the best aerogrill?It all depends on what you buy it.How to choose aerogrill?To start, you need to become familiar with its functions.This device greatly expand the possibilities of cooking, as this compact unit combines the capabilities of several devices: ovens, cookers, microwave ovens, deep-frying, Barbecues, steamers.Is not it tempting?And to look at and do not tell me aerogrill like a medium-sized saucepan.The fact that the device takes up little space in the kitchen, too much important.

With aerogrill, you can easily cook the most various dishes - soups, grilled meats, cakes, cereal, jam, hot and many others.The main thing is to have enough imagination.

aerogrill principle of operation consists in that in a glass container serves blew hot air flows in

accordance with the set temperature and set speed that allows to obtain excellent results.The energy source, depending on the manufacturer is an electric heater or halogen.Another design feature of the device - the fan, which is designed for the circulation of hot air.It turns out that at the same time carried boiling, frying products with it on all sides, with it, without adding fat, and it is now very important.In addition, this unit allows you to quickly prepare a meal, preserving its useful properties.

aerogrill What is the best?Today, manufacturers offer two versions of aerogriley: electronically controlled (for everyday cooking) and with mechanical control - the so-called multi-functional aerogrili.

Aerogrill The electronically controlled preparing a variety of dishes.With the help of this miracle of technology can be controlled mellowness prepares dishes.Similar models are controlled from the control panel, where you can select the cooking temperature, cooking time, and the speed of hot air.The timer is designed for 24 hours.

Aerogrili mechanically operated prepare a variety of dishes.A significant advantage of such aerogrill - loyal price.Disadvantages also have - the timer is designed only for an hour, and the fact that they are not regulated by the speed of convection.Differences

aerogrill also manifested in the fact that they are on the bracket with the cover, and with a removable cover.Based on user feedback, aerogrili fixed cover more favorable to operate and safe.What aerogrill best for you - just choose you.

Aerogrill which company is best?Your device is not the latest miracle of technology, and therefore, no special bells and whistles it does not.The main thing for him - build quality and durability, and the choice of the manufacturer VES, Smile, Unit - is not important.Just to produce quality products.

aerogrill What is the best?It should be chosen depending on the expected list of dishes for cooking.In Aerogrill can cook a variety of dishes.Thus there have sizable advantages in comparison with conventional preparation techniques.If you fry burgers, they do not need to turn, they are fried on both sides.Preparing the first meal - you can just lay the necessary ingredients and pour boiling water over them.Incidentally, in Aerogrill scum is not formed at all.For quick cooking foods it is very convenient and interesting to watch through the transparent walls.