How do you know what the best false eyelashes?

in every woman's life there are moments in which it should look unique.The image can be created with the dress, any accessories, cosmetics.But that is not all.After all, there are the little things without which we simply look ordinary, and add a certain flair, instantly becomes a queen.To add your image may false eyelashes.Nowadays it has become fashionable to build lashes, because we so often use low-quality ink and other care products that just spoil our eyelashes.They break, they drop out, become dull.

To find out what the best false eyelashes, you must decide what you want the result.Thus it is necessary to take into account your image, facial features because not every girl can come very dense or sparse eyelashes vice versa.It is important that all harmony.

To correctly stick lashes, you need to know certain aspects of this whole process.What are the best false eyelashes, you can figure out just to understand what they are.For example, there are separate cilia that you kleite at its discretio

n, they look the most natural.There is also the eyelashes, which are interconnected.Their density gives the eyes more expressive.

Too long lashes will seem sticky.Therefore, we must focus on the choice of medium, because they will look more natural.

Certain cilia can simply give expression to your eyes.

What are the best false eyelashes, depending on their color, too, need to be addressed, based on the circumstances.If you use black, they can not paint with ink, and so they will look very bright and dark brown look natural.

to determine what the best false eyelashes, you can simply go to a special room where you will not only help to understand such an important issue, but also pick up the lashes for you.

We must remember that quality lashes must be uneven, and not of the same color.

Once you have decided on the lashes, you must pick up the glue, which you glue them.The choice of adhesive is also not a simple matter, because picking up poor quality, you simply can get allergy and red eyes, which certainly will not give your outward appearance is no beauty.Also the most part of them, ammonia, it may also cause allergies.

necessary to choose an adhesive that is harmless to the eyelid skin, dries quickly enough and then became colorless.

What glue for eyelashes better you can tell the same beauty salon.Note that low quality and too cheap adhesive can be fake, and absolutely will not keep the lashes, and at worst affect on your health.

At the end you must choose the mascara to your lashes look really chic.

So, is what a good mascara?Quality ink is one that your eyes will not crumble, smeared.A good product does not have a strong smell and is not irritating to the eyes.

Well, what kind it gives the lashes, is another matter.Currently, there are many varieties of mascara: Gives volume, lengthening, waterproof, containing all sorts of additives that enhance eyelashes.

Color mascara can be any of the standard black to blue or purple.

Also, firms choose at your discretion.Several well-known brands: Christian Dior, Lancome, MAYBELLINE, MaxFactor, Loreal.

say can be seen in the eyes of the human soul.So let your eyes be truly expressive and beautiful, and fully express your inner world.And to help you in this false eyelashes and mascara, tailored specifically for you.The main thing is not to be mistaken.