Condensate 45s13nzh

45s13nzh trap for automatic removal of the steam pipe and the chamber steam heating equipment condensate.The use of this device in the steam supply system will save up to 90 percent of heat energy.Condensate 45s13nzh hermetically separated from the environment.The trap is attached by means of welding.Through the gate is not allowed pass

devices have small size and weight, quite simplified design and high reliability.Installation is made after the heat exchangers (water heaters, heaters) in the pipeline.Thermodynamic steam trap is much better manifests itself in the steam pressure drop more than 4-5 atmospheres.Operating position.It is based on that used by the kinetic energy of the medium with different density passing through the device.Condensate slightly lifts the plate, thereby passing to the outlet.When steam enters at high speed into the space between the casing and a plate - a pressure plate, respectively, is reduced.Because of the pressure difference above and below the plate takes its pressi

ng against the sealing ring and the termination of the possibility of the passage of steam.Further, the steam condenses on the plate, the pressure is reduced and there is a repeated raising its passing condensate.

These types of traps are recommended to save or budget constraints, because the cost of lower thermodynamic 3-5 times depending on the float device.Resistant to Surge equipped with a strainer, making the device more durable for use.The housing is made of steel, the seal also of steel, but stainless steel, it is considered the most stable position of the lid upwards.Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned from scale, dirt and sand.Put objects inside 45s13nzh unacceptable plant itself must be made with the expectation that the direction of fluid flow, and the arrow on the match.

With a total consideration of trap requires revision.In addition, the steam heating system in some plants are replaced by water.Reduce the urgency application trap, but not its quality.