Energy-efficient lighting

Today, in our country where some 200-300 companies involved in the production of energy-saving lighting.It is brought to assert that there is still a lot of low-quality product gets to the stores, real hard that hinders the development of such areas as energy-efficient technologies.The truth is the case in the implementation of lighting techniques is rapidly changing in favor of the LED lamps.Link this with the indisputable advantages of LEDs when compared with other varieties of lamps.
The main thing is of course the user characteristics:
svetootdayuschaya excellent ability at very low power consumption - in the segment of lighting techniques in LED technology in this parameter no rivals;
pleasant "flicker-free" glow - in these lamps is almost no flow pulsations of light.It is unusual in a theme for a room where there are people constantly;
instant light when switching - on the full transfer of such glow lamps including beyond the moment when the other lamps need more time to "warm up";
chance adjustment - such coverage allows for fine adjustment of the light flow, thus regulated by two factors - the probability of creating pleasant conditions in housing and lower energy consumption;
high efficiency - energy saving lighting has quite an impressive period of continuous burning (an average of 40 000 hours), and do not represent the scope of the cycle of "on-off".
In addition, an important aspect of the use of LED lighting is its environmental friendliness.Unlike gas discharge or fluorescent lamps are not in their composition malicious components that ecologically both during production and during disposal after use of lamps.
to count all advantages facilitate the choice of measures to reduce lighting energy consumption.Open remains the time of pricing goods.While prices for this type of lighting are on the high range - somewhere in 3000 rubles.For lamp illumination equivalent of 2-3 incandescent lamps (with a price of around 125 rubles.) But even now likely to make an optimistic estimate - with the capacity of factory capacity, but also to increase market prices become less.