Peasant War

Peasant War of 1773-1775 was not the first revolt of the peasants.Already ten years before this event, the speeches were more than forty.God brought his serfs to despair.Latest increasingly committed and not very successful attempts to escape.Among ordinary people spreading fake manifestos and decrees that is about to be abolished serfdom.There were many impostors.So, it was officially recorded six cases of appearance alone, "Peter IIIĀ», which actually died in 1762.Against the background of the events described, and broke the peasant war led by Pugachev.

He was born on the Don, in the village Zimoveyskoy (in the same, from a hundred years before that came and Stepan Razin).Even in the 17 years he was at war with Turkey, and Prussia.For bravery in battle, he received the rank of cornet.Yemelyan was arrested for defending the interests of ordinary Cossacks and peasants.In 1773 he escaped from prison in Kazan.Appearing on Yaik, he named Peter III and gathered around him 80 Cossacks.Two weeks later, the n

umber of his army was already 2500 people.

peasant war even began among the Cossacks, acceded to the workers, and serfs and artisans, and representatives of many nations of the Volga region.Moreover, under the banner of one united hatred of masters of the Old Believers, Muslims, pagans and Orthodox.E. Pugachev generously gave decrees and manifestos.The most famous of them promised to former serfs will, land, land, freed them from taxes.

began peasant war at the same Yaik.First Pugachev troops captured the small town on the river.They then besieged and Orenburg - an important stronghold in the south-east of the country.To bail out the city out troops under General Queen Kara.Army General has been broken, the Bashkirs, who accompanied her, went over to the Pugacheva.Formed troops continued to conquer the Russian city.

year later Pugachev finally defeated near Orenburg.Peasant War entered its second phase.Groups of rebels returned to the Urals, and joined their ranks, having moved to Kazan, conquered it.However, the city rushed troops led by Michelson queen.In this battle Pugachev failed.Five hundred of his men, he moved to the other side of the Volga.

Peasant War ended with the flight of Pugachev, although it looked rather invasion.Moving along the Volga down to get to the Don, his troops continued on the way to capture the city.And just last attempt to capture Tsaritsyn earned him the ultimate defeat.Pugachev with a handful of followers took refuge beyond the Volga, hoping to quickly reassemble the squad.However, there were Cossacks of the wealthy, who grabbed him in a cage and sent to the queen to Moscow to earn so her mercy.In January 1775 Pugachev was executed along with his supporters at the Swamp area.There have been punished and other participants in the performance.Rafts, which established the gallows with swinging corpses of those executed have been released in the swimming across the Volga to intimidate people and prevent the possibility of another rebellion.

peasant army led by Pugachev was defeated, despite mass.The reason for this was his spontaneity, concentration of traffic in a single location, the acute shortage of weapons, different social status of the participants, the lack of clearly stated objectives, a clear program, naive faith in the good monarch.

But it served as incentive for Catherine II of a number of reforms with respect to the governing bodies on the ground, as well as the consolidation of the legislation on the rights of the population classes.