What is the act of reconciliation?

Reconciliation Act between legal entities - fairly common document.Perhaps not all accountants are aware of its importance, but in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and mistakes occasionally need to communicate with contractors accounting.By signing the act of reconciliation, the debtor acknowledges its debt.In the act of reconciliation specified date comparison of balances on the accounts, so if the defaulting debtor refuses to pay you in court, you can show the stamped and signed by an authorized representative of the company act of reconciliation and thus show the presence of debt.

There are several situations in which there is a need in the act of reconciliation.First - the provision of a delay to the customer.The supply agreement clearly specifies the duration of a delay, and at the end of it - or even a few days before the expected date of payment - the supplier can gently "remind" the customer that came due.Reconciliation Act also required if the partners are cooperating for a long t

ime and transactions occur frequently, and the range of goods sold is quite wide.In this case, you need to periodically check at least because of the numerous shipments, frequent prihodovaniya goods, money transfers multiple elementary accountant can get confused.And if you see the balances on settlements with your organization at the same company - you can be sure that everything is done correctly.Third, the act of reconciliation must take place at high sums of money transfer.In order not to damage the company's financial position, it is necessary to do everything to avoid annoying bugs and shortcomings.

form an act of reconciliation is not fixed in the legislation.Constituting it is necessary to take a sample of committed business transactions between the two entities (the payments, the sale and purchase of goods, raw materials and services - everything documented and signed by both parties).At the beginning of the register in the act of reconciliation point balance at the beginning of the period for which verification is performed, if there is one.Then show all receipts in cash and summarize - the debt in favor of one of the organizations or zero balance - when all the calculations are made.

mandatory details when you make an act of reconciliation, in addition to printing, are checked against signatures of the leaders of companies.Putting its resolution, the head of the company confirm the accuracy of the information in the act of reconciliation.

Reconciliation Act made in two copies, both shall be signed by an accountant who is responsible for drafting the act, the chief accountant (it could be the same person) and the head.Both copies sent to the other party, so that there is confirmed the truth of the information in the report and also put their signatures and seal.

is advisable to check the calculations at the end of the month, quarter, year, because in the preparation of various accounting reports they must specify the amount of receivables and payables.

modern accounting programs allow you to quickly make a selection on all accounts and make an act of reconciliation, so you do not have to delve into the archives, looking for all the invoices, bills, payment orders.

Remember that you can not force the organization, which verifies, to sign an act of reconciliation, and if they do not want to recognize the debt owed to you, you can not return sent you act.So take care of that in the act of reconciliation was written that if the party composition and send the other side act of reconciliation, will not get a copy of the report after a certain period, the balance (balance) will be considered as confirmed.