What dreams bags?

Many people after any dream taken to look for it in the interpretation of dream books.It is necessary to talk about what dreaming suitcases.In fact, this night vision there are plenty of explanations, and how it will be, depends on many details of sleep.

idiomatic sonnik

What dreams bags of idiomatic Dream book, which is considered one of the most reliable?So, if a person is sitting on a suitcase, it is either close to departure, or to the expectation.Maybe he had a dream, he began to collect the suitcase in a dream?Then it's a trip or a business trip.In general, there would be some change in life.And it is not always pleasant.To understand exactly what changes await the dreamer, you must remember their night sensation.If people like the fact that he has started to collect the suitcase in a dream, it means that nothing bad will.

If the bag was empty, it is the fate of the dreamer warns about absolutely a waste of time.It happens that the sleeping person sees several other dream.Suitcase with th

ings that are in a terrible mess, portends a quarrel or a short trip with a bad end, or simply unpleasant.In general, not too positive sign.

value esoteric dream book

must now talk about what dreaming bags of esoteric dream book.Well, if it is empty, it is a disappointment that the dreamer will have to experience in relation to someone close.Perhaps there will be trouble in the marriage.If he can not open his bag, it is a failure, which is waiting for him on the field of love.Apparently, the dreamer tries to win the heart of a strong personality.But in that case, if it can not lock your bag, it's the fact that we should not go on a journey.Because it will not bring good experience, just the opposite.

sometimes dream suitcase - it's happiness.If the dreamer was a travel bag with gifts, it is to love joys.A dream in which a man bought a suitcase, means that it will improve soon have things on the personal front.And what does it mean to dream of a suitcase in which there is one?This is to ensure that soon the family, you may be updating.

According to Freud

Old suitcase dreamed up in a dream is coming quarrel with someone close.And most of this conflict has a long background.Perhaps in a quarrel is said too much.So if there is a situation, you should restrain yourself.

But buying a suitcase - to resolve a difficult situation.Perhaps the dreamer gets into some confusion, he will need help from a friend.What, do not hesitate to ask for support in this case.If a person pulls an old suitcase, brim clogged things, it is the fact that time would have to get rid of their complexes, which have accumulated a great deal.Probably obstacle to the resolution of personal problems is none other than the own laziness.It would be necessary to deal with this, and preferably quickly.And so you can drown their problems!

Other interpretations

Spring Dream Book states that the case - it is not only the harbinger of emergency visits or trips.Often, it is also a sign of future costly.Even this may be a warning to man that he was soon expecting the news from afar.When the dreamer observes empty duffel bag, it will be necessary to prepare for the difficult period in relations, which often ends in divorce.By the way, sometimes the old bags to dream that sleep soon face some secret.

And what dream bags dream book in French?It is a relief.Maybe.someone close much will need it, and when the dreamer it will then feel this satisfaction.

Contemporary Dream Book Dream Book

In the twenty-first century, a suitcase - a symbol of change.Generally travel bag is a kind of repository of wisdom and life experience.Why dream of suitcases, in which a man puts his things?In addition, he finally take care of all the affairs of Skopje and lead their own thoughts.And sometimes travel bag - is the embodiment of human desires to change something in their lives.

heavy bags - more than a hint that it would be necessary to learn to cope with what the circumstances.Empty bag - to failure.Maybe it slips important trip or intimate relationship will be terminated.Small bags, which do not fit all the necessary things, is coming career and success at work.It's a good dream, as it heralds a long-awaited reward for their efforts.

Details Sleep

To give a more precise interpretation of the vision, it is necessary to recall as many details and details that were present.Up until the color, which was painted suitcase.If it is yellow, and filled to the brim with things, it's jealousy, and perhaps even to change, because the Slavic peoples the color is a symbol of unpleasant events.But the red - is a good sign because it -voploschenie all the best human qualities.Most likely, a trip that will take place in the near future, it will be very successful.

If a person sees how he hurriedly checks all suitcase compartments or added to another thing, it is also an excellent sign.Especially for those people who frequently travel on business or their job involves travel.

night dream like a traveling salesman promises success in business, for example.A successfully collected travel bag (that is able to combine all the things that were necessary) promises a promotion at work or a pay rise.But if you have any problems in the process of packing the suitcase, he barely closed as a result, we should expect a fairly abrupt and unexpected changes in their lives.But do not worry about it too much - they will cope.

What dreams theft?

If a person saw the suitcase was stolen in a dream, you should not worry about it right away.It is necessary first of all to recall the details.It depends on them very much, and the interpretation of dreams the night - in the first place.If the bag has not been a lot of valuable things, then it is just to gossip and petty squabbles.Stolen heavy suitcase - a good change.So heavy and extra burden somebody else will take over, thus facilitating the life of the dreamer.

But the stolen valuables promise not very pleasant scene - perhaps in reality people will lose something very precious and necessary.But modern dream interpretation states that steal travel bag warning means that some other people will use ideas, works or achievements of the dreamer.So it is, as they say, keep your eyes open, to get accustomed to the people around that did not happen.