Why dream of blood on the hands and fingers?

believed that dreams that we dream of and then can carry the message of warning.On them you can even predict the future, especially if we see in them any specific thing or signs.Such signs may be blood or wounds, but before afraid, is still to understand - what they mean.Why dream of the blood on the hands, fingers or other places, see this article.

see blood on his hands

Most dream book relates a dream to relatives or human health.For example, what dreams blood on their hands?A similar pattern appears, it says that in relationships with loved ones of tension and confusion, as there may be unfair treatment of a person, slander him.In addition, it should pay attention to their health.

blood on their hands sometimes symbolizes case.Through a dream subconscious can inform the person that his job or business, probably under threat.Or there is the danger of being involved in the dirty work, the responsibility for which will lie to you.It does not rule out the possibility of "bases".

Wondering about what dreaming blood on their hands, we should also remember not to blame if you are in front of someone - perhaps should apologize and try to correct their misdeeds?

blood from a finger

thinking about those dreams of what blood from a finger on the hand, we should remember about the people close to you.If you dream've cut or still somehow hurt a finger, it is likely portends separation from dear heart.Separation can be a long and bad effect on your state of mind.Farewell necessarily mean death, just someone from the family could soon leave for a long time.

Yet what dreams blood from a finger on the hand?Such dreams may also be a signal of problems to human health.This breakdown, failure of the biological clock and slowing of life processes of the body.You can overcome the disease, or you simply will experience weakness, malaise, any disorder.In such cases, you should probably think about the rest, because the restoring force in a timely manner, you can avoid many of the health problems in the future.

blood from wounds and cuts

In some dreams you can see the blood, along with wounds and cuts.To interpret such dreams can be different, much depends on the nature and location of the damage.For example, to see the blood flowing from the cut means fun in a good and friendly company.However, most of these dreams bears a bad sign.

About what dream cut on his hand with blood, says most of the dream book in a negative way.Cut the knife - to work injury, scissors - expect betrayal of friends or relatives.Hurt razor in his sleep, in real life, try to be more decisive, because the uncertainty can also be dangerous.

If you dream you cut yourself, and you become a source of danger when you hurt someone else - expect problems from the side.And this is what dreams wound on his arm without blood?Perhaps this is the writing on the wall, it is possible that someone will die.

see the blood from a vein, testing

If you dream you are taking tests, in all likelihood, you are worried about any trouble occurred with a relative, sympathize with him.And this is what dreams blood from a vein in the arm?Perhaps you will soon have a problem with law enforcement agencies or the government.Also, it may indicate that you let some important thing for you or you have to take responsibility for the actions of their colleagues.

When you dream you do take someone's blood - you'll use a person for their own purposes, it is possible that someone will perform for you, or for you to "dirty" work.


Sometimes some dreams are more like nightmares - in them we can see a lot of blood, which drown yourself, or it will expire.Seeing these pictures are very unpleasant.It is not always clear, for example, what dreams wound on his hand with blood pouring out of it, or the eerie red liquid puddle at your feet.Immediately come to mind terrible pictures of recently viewed "horror".For example, see yourself in a dream bleeding portends soon feel the lack of energy and, most likely, this Buda moral or mental exhaustion.Save your nerves.Perhaps you are near someone who is draining your life force.

color and character of the blood

To correctly interpret the meaning of some dreams, sometimes it is very important to notice their parts, such as the color of blood, or her condition.What dreams own blood on the hand or elsewhere, if it is black?In this case, the dream-books promise to cure a sick person healthy as can overtake the small troubles, but they will not cause any harm.Blood scarlet portends amorous adventures.However, not all believe it.

Thick blood indicates the likelihood of problems in the relationship with your partner, that can cause some stress.If you dream of claret clots - is a loss, as well as for trouble in work and personal life.

way, a very bad sign can be a dream in which you see something that has a blood-red color.This may be followed in great trouble, which will be difficult to avoid.

Blood and others

Some dreams can show a picture in which other people appear in front of you with bloody hands, or even somehow interact with blood.After many of these paintings awake in a cold sweat.Trying to understand what dreams the blood on the hands of others, try to understand, do not deliver you to some of the relatives of problems and hassle, you may have offended someone.However, to see someone else's blood on yourself or your clothes - it's not such a bad sign, and sometimes these dreams promise good news, for example, you can get a raise at work.

dreams in which you are shedding the blood of others, testify about selfishness.You're too obsessed with yourself and reach your goal, you can achieve success in many matters, but other people will suffer from it, and you risk amass a enemies.Sheds blood in his sleep of people with whom you are not the best relationships - a good sign heralding the resolution of many of your problems.But to dream the blood of a loved one - to parting and bad news.

blood on his face or the current mouth

To dream about going out of his mouth the blood means that you will soon have to defend their point of view before the relatives.In disputes follow words, you can say because of regret.Be interested in their health, go to the doctor, go to the survey, if in your dreams you spit blood.If your dream of a stranger overcomes a bloody cough, you should refrain from new acquaintances and to avoid participating in dubious activities.It can be very risky.

But the blood on his face, apparently predicts success in business and financial well-being.Maybe soon you will have a new source of income.If you dream you see blood on the head, it may indicate that you or someone from your surroundings is subjected to pressure from superiors or relatives.

If a dream you have seen the blood coming from the eyes, perhaps in the future you will be disappointed in a loved one, or you can trick that will be very unpleasant.

Finally it is worth noting that the dream should be interpreted together with an analysis of your situation.Wondering what dreams blood on his hands, face, clothes, try to remember how relations with your relatives, put things in order in their businesses and engage with their health and well-being of your loved ones ask.And most importantly - do not worry, because only a clear mind you will be able to overcome all difficulties and to truly enjoy your success!