Popular divination "hundreds"

Guessing interested in the fate of many girls.Some of them are studying numerology, while others like the card.Divination associated with the figures indicate what the planet will accompany you in the near future and what the energy potential it brings.This is possible thanks to the fact that each of them is "tied" to a particular number.In this article, I will discuss the popular guessing "hundreds".

For starters take the paper in the box, pen and make a complete man's name.For example, Innocent.

Guessing "hundreds" involves the use of numbers.Write down any number from 1 to 9 except 0 in a row without missing a single cell.The number of digits in each row should be equal.The length of the series is defined at its discretion.After writing the record date of 99 digits for the day when you were wondering (only without zeros).For example, 05/21/2013 will look like 215213.

When completed, cross out two identical figures vertically and horizontally.The numbers that are next and add up to 10, too.Gues

sing "hundreds" is the second option.According to its rules, has crossed out the numbers also are deleted.Let us guess so.

When crossed again rewrite the remaining digits.The amount of numbers in each row should correspond to the number of letters in the name of the man.

Then again, continuing the process of deleting.

final stage - calculation of the remaining digits.

Guessing "hundreds" has the following interpretation:

  • 1 - you will find solitude in the future;
  • 2 - stay with him;
  • 3 - there's another woman;
  • 4 - man loves you;
  • 5 - he loves you;
  • 6 - This man loves another woman;
  • 7 - jealous of others;
  • 8 - his road leads to you;
  • 9 - waiting for separation from him;
  • 10 - get a letter from him;
  • 11 - meet with him;
  • 12 - waiting for a conversation with him;
  • 13 - the wedding will take place in the future with this man;
  • 14 - the man loves you;
  • 15 - he is bored;
  • 16 - do you not need it.

If you want to know what awaits you at the weekend or the day of the exam, try guessing on a particular day.

This will require a sheet from a notebook into a cell.It will need to write your name, full name and patronymic, and the date on which you want to tell fortunes, and the time of day that interests you.For example, evening.All this should be written in the line, but if you will fall the letter, which has already met, write it under the same letter in the column.After that, we begin to cross out of two letters in each column, and the rest will need to be counted.If the result is a two-digit number, you should bring it to the unequivocal.For example, if the remaining 12 letters, it is necessary to lay down 1 to obtain a 2. 3. Getting to the interpretation of divination on a particular day.

  • 0 - strange result;
  • 1 - unexpected joy;
  • 2 - something to upset you;
  • 3 - went on the road;
  • 4 - wait for any news;
  • 5 - you are someone like;
  • 6 - will have a meeting;
  • 7 - you are sad;
  • 8 - find love;
  • 9 - expect betrayal.

Take the time to take a leaf and a pen to check divination "100" on itself.With it you can easily learn how to relate to you the one to whom you are indifferent.Guessing on a specific day will help mentally prepare for a very important event.Besides recognizing their future is very interesting and entertaining!You can not doubt.Good fun pastime and good luck!