What dream silver ring: the importance of sleep

What dream silver ring?As a rule, dreamed jewelry made of precious metals symbolize the strong friendship or love relationship experiences.However, in some cases, treatment may be quite the opposite.So, what dream silver ring?

Dream Interpretation Nostradamus

According to the dream book, to see such a decoration on their own finger - a great sign.This means that the dreamer will soon be a long-awaited promotion.The new position, respectively, will be better paid, and therefore the financial position after this dream will become more stable.

Dream Book of Nostradamus and know the answer to a question about what a dream silver ring with a stone.As a rule, this dream portends success in business, honor and glory.However, to better interpret the vision, we should remember what it had a stone.If it was an emerald, then soon the dreamer to be preparing for the wedding celebration, the sapphire is a dream to fulfill the cherished desire, and the diamond - an important acquaintance, who finished a succ

essful cooperation.

Wondering about what a dream silver ring, we should remember: where the decoration.If it was purchased in stores, so, coming pleasant chores associated with a kind of triumph.In turn, the ring acquired the jewelry store - a very bad sign.This dream portends sudden serious illness.Of course, it will be able to heal, but it will take a lot of time and incredible willpower.If the silver ring in his sleep rolled away to another person, then the dreamer's dreams did not come true.Dirty silver ring heralds the news from afar.Unfortunately, not always pleasant.

modern dream interpretation

thinking about what a dream silver ring should look into this edition.If the decoration was presented in a dream a man as a gift, then the dreamer will soon receive a substantial cash prize.A ring, a gift from a woman, foretells family problems that arise because of jealousy and distrust of the loved one.This dream, in fact, is a warning - a man who has seen it has to have time to do everything in his power and to prevent disorder in the relationship.Buy silver ring - a cardinal change in activity.Changes in life will bring honor and financial well-being.Dirty silver ring portends serious trouble at work.They arise because of the rumors spread by jealous colleagues.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

What dream silver ring on the finger of another person?This dream portends a reprimand from his superiors, big problems at work.If the ring is defective, then there is a possibility of dismissal.The dreamer should carefully choose your friends, because the problems start their fault.Ring with stone, according to this publication also does not bode well.This means that a period of time will haunt the dreamer failure.The duration of the black stripes depends on the value of the stone.Why dream of a silver wedding ring?Unfortunately, this dream foretells cheerful celebrations with cries of "bitter", but on the contrary, failure bodes divorce and marital expectations.Antique silver ring - a very good sign.This vision says that the dreamer will soon meet a partner, has prepared for him heaven.The main thing - do not miss destiny.

French sonnik

any ring in a dream means a new friendship or marriage (marriage).Break it - the breakdown of relationships, quarrel with friends, family discord.Give a silver ring - to entrust his life to another person.Accept a gift - a sign that your partner is sincere in his feelings.

Dreams wanderer

According to this publication, such a dream promises only good news.For example, if the ring was silver embossed, then soon the dreamer will have to organize a big celebration (weddings, anniversaries).Thanks to him, will be able to meet with influential people, which will greatly help in difficult times.Smooth ring - a calm, measured life.It is also important to remember their actions in the dream.For example, to see how someone lost the ring, and to help search for it - a good sign, indicating the emergence of new friends.Himself lose decoration - it means that the dreamer decides to part with the past life and start all over from scratch.What a dream to find a silver ring?This dream usually means meeting with friends for a long time can not be seen or renewal of relations with former lovers.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Seer claimed that the emergence of the ring in a dream means going in circles, unresolved problems or loyalty.It all depends on what kind of action will serve as a dreamer.For example, wear a decoration on the arm of another person - a symbol of love and fidelity.See also, as someone puts you unfamiliar silver ring - to solve problems.And it will help quite a stranger to the dreamer's people.If the dreamer in his visions can not pick up a ring, torn between several means, in real life he is still undecided in their feelings.To see the falls from the ring finger - a bad sign.It is possible that in real life the dreamer has violated this oath ever so fate has prepared him to trial.

old Russian dream book

If silver ring dreamed bachelor, then soon he will have a pleasant acquaintance.For a family it is a sign of well-being and pleasant hassle.If all the fingers dreamer put on the silver ring, then,
in his life, the long-awaited white strip, which will last a long time.It is important not to miss the moment, because any initiative in this period will be successful.Also, this is a dream promotion, purchasing power, improving the financial well-being.Get ornament as a gift - to get acquainted with the powerful man who selflessly contribute to solving the problems of the dreamer.Give me the ring, or throw it away - to parting with loved ones over a long period of time.