What animals dream?

dreamed a dream animal can arouse different emotions of the dreamer, starting with emotion and joy and ending with a sense of anxiety and fear.That is, we want to tell our four-legged friends, we appeared in a dream, we learn from the article.

see the animals in the dream

If you dream you just watch the animals, it means your psychological resemblance to appeared in the night vision quadrupeds.Leo, for example, can mean power and strength, fox - cunning and guile, a hare - fear and timidity, wolves - the danger, the horse - stubbornness, independence and so on. D.

What dream animal unusual form?This means that in the future you are waiting with excitement and anxiety, perhaps connected with family and friends.

If the kingdom of Morpheus will provide you with a vision in which met white calm animals, then wait for a good time in the circle of good and loyal friends.

Why dream of animals (many)?If you see a vision of the night in his herds, expect to meet people, which in the future will be fo

r you loyal friends.

If you dream you dreamed angry and furious beasts, that happens in your life improve.All obstacles to the objectives will be completely destroyed.

If you watch the fluffy, beautiful and quite harmless quadrupeds, then wait in the near future a meeting with the faithful friend.

You look in her sleep at a sad and unfortunate chetveronogo that, but pity, did not cause?Stop feeling sorry for yourself, it's time to become strong!

See on wandering and prowling in search of food animals is your desire to improve living conditions.For example, you want to maximize your earnings, or find a new job.Maybe you liked the place the chief?In this situation, one should pay attention to detail, atmosphere and so on. D. If the animals were furious and hungry, you will be quite difficult.Animals are beautiful and welcoming?Then wait for the good news.

What animals dream in reflection mirror in which you look?It says that in reality, you will incur significant losses, as well as experience a serious disappointment.

Animals behind the fence

In the dream you are watching the animals in the zoo?Then you will soon expect the excitement to be completely in vain.

What if you see the animals in the zoo?This is not a good sign.You overcome troubles from all sides.

look at the beast, which awaits his fate at the slaughterhouse, it means that you will witness the ugly and disgusting scene that does not fit your moral outlook on life.

What if in a night vision you see the animals in the circus?This means that soon you will be entertained in a fun company.

If you see in your sleep like animals languishing in cages, then in the future you will ensure victory over all enemies and competitors.


Why dream of wild animals?This means that in reality, some areas of your life out of control.In this case, you should think about what you can associate dreamed animal.Domineering whether it is over you or waited on, furious whether it is or is harmless and so on. D.

If you dream you just watch the wildlife, it means you everywhere set up a trap, so be careful.

What if in a dream dreamed that you feed wild pets?This indicates a serious disappointment.

If you dream you feel the danger (are at a short distance from a furious beast), in real life, you are waiting for the incident, which can be fatal.

If you crossed his vision looks to the animal, so soon you will meet one on one with his sworn enemy.

Why dream of wild animals that run?This suggests that the danger will pass.

What if you shoot in his sleep in a wild animal?You will be in serious danger.

How to interpret a dream in which you catch a wild animal?It speaks about the upcoming joy.

How to interpret a dream in which there was a porcupine?This beast means that a lot of people angry at you and dreaming of revenge.


What animals dream home?White means love or friendships, pleasant goodbye.Black - a large number of enemies.

What if in a dream you pet and caress domestic animals?This suggests that in the short time you buy a house.

If the kingdom of Morpheus gave you the vision that pets are roaring, you'll soon come to you bad news.If squealing pig - someone's death greatly disappoint you.Also, this dream can mean a bad evaluation of your work, which is made to last.

Why dream of animals in the house that are thrown at you?This suggests that all obstacles to the goal will soon be eliminated.

observe in the dream of grazing pets?So, you are surrounded by good and loyal friends.

hear the bleating goat or a cow moos?This suggests that you pull hard mass of worries and problems.

Why dream of animals (many) who run away from you?This means that your career is in jeopardy.

How to explain a dream in which you see an animal, which has never been in the house?Perhaps this reflects your vision of an irresistible desire to have something or other animal.

Back interpreted the dream where you purchased the pet, which never wanted or feared.This dream can mean your desire to defeat the enemy and go to the next stage in life.

dead animals

Why dream of dead animals?This suggests that some of your inner circle is lying to you or not telling the real truth.Perhaps this person does so not out of bad intentions, but to warn you of extra experience.

If in your dream you watch how the dead animals lying around, then wait for the attacks of someone you know.Perhaps he will try to make fun of you or to offend.

What if you dream you saw dead horse?This means that soon you will receive bad news.It can also speak about the inability of the dreamer to deal with it in bulk difficulties and challenges.

dead animals

What dream to kill animals?If you are visited by a dream, it is expected the accident to you or your loved ones.

Why dream of the dead animals, which have killed yourself?This means your regret for what he did in real life.

If you dream you unintentionally killed the beast, it means immediate news of the death of a man who died in accidental circumstances.

What dreams animal blood?If you see a dead animal, and his blood spattered your clothes, expect soon a significant improvement in profit or financial position.

If you dream you beat a defenseless animal, and at the same time experiencing great pleasure, therefore, in real life, you tend to sadism.


Why dream of animals that you are killing and eating their meat?This means that in the near future you will find the confiscation of property.

If you are carrying the meat in his hands, then soon you will break the disease.

If someone gives you the meat of slaughtered animal, then that means that you will come under the influence of evil spells.

If you find a dead animal, and began to eat its meat, your situation may improve over time.

dreamed animals: implications for relations

If a girl in a night vision saw the blind little wild small animals, it predicts her a speedy pregnancy.

If you dreamed that a man kills chetveronogo, it means that your significant other will soon abandon you for another man.For married people, this vision says that the man who calls himself a friend of the husband (wife), secretly in love with you.

What dreams dead animal black?This means that soon you quarrel with a close friend.The quarrel will blame your opponent.If small mammal white - you.

If you watch the way animals are placed at the slaughterhouse, it means that your significant other will not love you, and fear.

you dreamed that livestock body condition and well maintained?This is a good sign.Your marriage will be happy.Back interpreted night vision in which pets are shabby and ugly.

Conclusion In general, as mentioned earlier, it all depends on what kind of stuff around you in a dream.If the vision was bright, with a kind and gentle animals, in this case, it is easy to guess that anything bad is not expected.The main thing we must adjust itself to the positive, and only then the kingdom of Morpheus will delight you with wonderful and vivid dreams.