What is the scheme of planning organization of land?

During the construction of buildings (structures) or during work on the reconstruction must always get permission for construction or redevelopment.Moreover, in addition to the application, it must be provided scheme of planning organization of land (hereinafter referred to as - SPOZU).In this article you will find out what kind of project, which objects it should contain and compliance with any conditions guarantee its accuracy.

Development Plan

Not so long ago for the construction of residential buildings have to create a general construction project.Currently, it has replaced the schematic layout of the land plot.Simply put, this layout on the territory of the newly created or existing objects, including communication.This scheme of planning organization of land is based on survey data.The document indicates the boundaries of gardening areas, existing facilities and, consequently, the future construction of buildings.The plan should be made in the scale of 1: 500.

composition of the project f
or individual housing

When individual housing construction scheme of planning organization should be sure to include the following items:

  • plan number;
  • number of floors with an indication of the height of the structure;
  • percentage of buildings with an indication of the calculations;
  • area of ‚Äč‚Äčland and a dwelling house;
  • type of fence;
  • structure of the object;
  • symbols.

indispensable element in SPOZU for individuals

scheme of planning organization of land for individual, private construction (for example, in the construction of a dwelling house) consists of 2 parts: text and graphics.

first item includes the following nuances:

  • characteristics of the site where the work will be carried-built;
  • confirmation traits buffer zones within the boundaries of the estate (only required if you need to establish these areas according to Russian legislation);
  • study plan of land holdings in accordance with the technical and urban planning rules;
  • improvement project area.

In the graphic part of the plan should be displayed:

  • area location of existing and construction of new objects with the obligatory indication of the planned approaches and entrances;
  • border health gaps and protected areas;
  • opinion on the improvement of the infield.

SPOZU for legal entities

scheme of planning organization of land for organizations both commercial and non-commercial nature is only one of the 12 sections of the settlement documents.Besides this project, should also be given a complete list of the types and facilities planned building (regardless of the purpose of constructed facilities).

List of documents for capital projects

The planning scheme area includes part of the text.It contains the following elements:

  • characteristic backyard of ownership, which planned to build the facility;
  • study breaks the boundaries of sanitary and protected areas within the site;
  • proof plan to build up the area in relation to the standards of urban and technical issues;
  • technical and economic data area which is used for the location of constructed facilities;
  • description of the decisions taken by the engineering development of the territories, including the nuances of the protection of buildings and structures on the possible consequences of geological influences;
  • conclusion improvement works being built up area;
  • distribution of construction projects with the justification showing the location of buildings and industrial and non-values, as well as all communications;
  • reasoned reinforcement of technical parameters and characteristics used transportation.

necessary drawings

scheme of planning organization of land in the graphic part should contain:

  • image tenure indicating the region of the newly constructed and existing facilities, approaches and entrances to them;
  • mapping areas of public easements and buildings to be demolished (if any);
  • documented conclusion of the decision with regards to the design work, landscaping, lighting and landscaping use areas;
  • study stages of construction of buildings and structures in both the production and non-production;
  • drawing movement of vehicles on site;
  • schematic representation of network engineering and technical support (including an indication of the connection points of the object being built to these lines);
  • project of earth masses;

  • exact layout of the buildings within the town planning building plots, as well as careful and specify the location of nearby settlements adjacent to the borders of developed territory;moreover, are defined and applied to the circuit areas with special conditions of use, the lines of the areas that have a high risk of dangerous natural and man-made situations;
  • display targeted communications and transport engineering with a precise indication of the nature of their connection points to the existing networks.It is necessary to take into account the point that these systems can only be used for objects of industrial value.