Signs priority traffic.

Today, there are many issues related to the traffic rules.And a special place is given to them in the signs.In this review, we have decided to review one of the varieties of road elements that give priority to drivers.

What symbols road today can be seen?

Under the road signs are understood elements of the situation of the road.They inform road users about the terms and conditions that are specific to a certain area of ​​the roadway.Symbols fully developed must meet standards.There are a variety of elements.

  1. warning.Are required to inform the driver about the presence of dangerous areas on the road ahead.Movement on this site requires special attention.
  2. Prohibiting signs.They introduce certain restrictions in movement if required.
  3. Mandatory signs.Necessary for the introduction / cancellation of certain modes of movement.
  4. Signs priority.On them will be discussed further.
  5. characters that carry additional information.Are needed to clarify the actions of other road elements, with whom and used.
  6. service marks.Are required to inform all road users that are located in front of any services.
  7. Information signs are needed for the driver to know about the entrance to the village or to other objects.
  8. Special regulation signs are used in a situation where it is necessary to introduce a special regime of movement.

Why do we need an advantage?

What is needed traffic signal priority?Such elements are also called other signs pre-emptive right to the passage.They set the order of vehicles crossing the roadway, intersections, and a variety quite bottlenecks inherent in the road.Among the main characters of priority can be identified:

  • "passage without stopping is prohibited";
  • "give way";
  • "main road".

Learn possible on a special form

Signs priority have their own specific form, which distinguishes them from all other elements characteristic of the road.This is done so that everyone was able to recognize the signs of this type, regardless of the season or the weather conditions and the condition of the road element.They play an important role in the safety on the roads.

need for regular updating of signs

Due to a variety of factors, among which is to highlight vandalism, physical deterioration, numerous accidents, signs priority, like so many other elements of the road, in need of periodic replacement.On top of that new elements may be required in the event that happens surrender made by road.Today there are a large number of companies that produce traffic signs, regardless of their complexity.

On the basis of what happens the production of new characters?

In order to produce a road element, you must use only high-quality materials, such as steel and plastic.In addition, it is necessary to use reflective films to be highly resistant to weathering and sunlight.This film is able to reduce the accumulation of static charge on the surface of a road element.In connection with this priority traffic signs are subject to the least accumulation of dirt and dust on their surface.Furthermore, the use of high quality materials can increase the lifetime of the sign at a large range of temperatures.For the manufacture of elements used previously developed standards.

signs that inform the driver of the main road

should further consider the priority of traffic signs and describe what they mean.

  1. "main road".This symbol is located in the list at number 2.1.It provides drivers with the right of way on to a place like uncontrolled intersection.Signs of the priority of this type of traffic must be placed at each site, where the intersection of the main road.In addition, if the item is outside of the village, in the area of ​​its operation is prohibited parking.
  2. "The end of the main road."In general, the list of the label is numbered 2.2.It is required to notify the end of the main road.Therefore, if necessary, cross the roadway you have to give way to any vehicle.

crossing sign

  1. "intersection from the road."Signs priority traffic such species are also necessary.This item is numbered 2.3.1.It is necessary to warn drivers of the presence of unregulated intersection ahead.The driver will then be placed on the main road.
  2. "Junction secondary road."The sign has a number 2.3.2.It is necessary to inform that the driver waits in front of an uncontrolled intersection.The driver in this case is moving along the main road.
  3. "Junction secondary road."Sign of the priority traffic is under the ordinal number 2.3.3.It has exactly the same commentary as the above sign.The main difference lies in the fact that the minor road joins the other side of the main road.
  4. "Junction secondary road."Signs of the priority of traffic rules is sometimes very similar, but represent different things.An element of this kind is under the ordinal number 2.3.4.This symbol carries exactly the same meaning as the above symbol.The difference is that the minor road at an angle to the adjacent roadway.The same label is under the ordinal number 2.3.5.Characterized in that the secondary adjacent to the main road, on the other hand.

under numbers 2.3.6 and 2.3.7 are also signs of a secondary road junction.They are required to inform the driver, the movement which takes place on the main road.

When you want to stop and give way?

  1. "give way".These signs priority with which pictures can see everyone, too, are very important.This item has a serial number 2.4.Such a sign is necessary in order to give way to the driver of the vehicle that moves on the preferred roadway in relation to the driver.
  2. "Movement without stopping is prohibited".The serial number plate 2.5.It is necessary to ensure that the driver stopped his car directly at the stop line is mandatory.In that case, if it is not then necessary to stop at the edge of the carriageway.

In some situations, you can gain an advantage?

  1. "The advantage of oncoming traffic."The serial number plate 2.6.It is needed to oncoming motorists know that he has an advantage.Use the ground element in those areas, which are too narrow for two-way traffic.
  2. "advantage over oncoming traffic".Located sign under serial number 2.7.We need to inform the driver that it has priority over oncoming vehicles.Used on those road segments that are too narrow to ensure that they could pass two cars simultaneously.

fairly popular question: what is more important?

Often those people who are just learning in the law, may raise issues related to benefits.Namely, the priority mark or sign - which is more important?In this situation, everything is quite simple.In connection with the amendment, which was released recently, signs have priority.You can select the following items, sort them mostly.

  1. Temporary road signs.If they are on the roadway, it is necessary to be guided by them.
  2. Permanent road signs.Has priority if no temporary signs.
  3. temporary road markings.It has an advantage over the core.
  4. permanent road markings.The driver is taken into account only in the last resort, if there is no signs or time lines.

When traveling on the road must be guided by a similar order.

should be thoroughly approach the study of signs

In this review, we discussed the priority marks with comments.All of them are essential for the safety of the driver.Therefore, the need to comply with them without fail.Learn the signs and follow the rules.Only in this case we can hope for road safety.