Angel Falls - the pearl of Latin America.

the highest waterfall in the world recognized Angel - a waterfall, which is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

height of this natural phenomenon reaches 979 meters.It officially received data from other sources, its altitude - 1054 meters, and the height of the water flow is 807 meters.The world-famous Niagara Falls twenty times below the falls Angel and greatly inferior to him in height.Angel is so high that the water flowing streams do not reach the bottom.In the air, the water is transformed into fog, billions of droplets which scatter a few kilometers from the waterfall.Only a minimum amount of water reaches the bottom and into the river.

Angel Falls is located in the jungle of Venezuela, in the Canaima National Park.He has several names: the English language - "Angel," the locals call it "Churummeru", and in 2009 the president of Venezuela officially called it "Kerepakupai-measure."The name "Angel" is translated into Russian as "an angel.

"The waterfall is named after gold prospector - Juan Angel pilot, who was the first officially opened this unique natural wonder.In ancient times, Indians waterfall called "Apemey", which means "girlish brow."The maps in Latin America it is in most cases referred to as the Salto Angel, which means "leap angel."

Angel Falls officially opened in 1935.For a long time the nature carefully concealed in impenetrable forests a phenomenon - a vertical flow of water boiling.Why mankind for a long time knew nothing about the waterfall?It turns out that he, like Sleeping Beauty, was safely hidden in the dense tropical forests of the Amazon.Angel Falls is located in the mountain range Auyan-tepui, which is located at an altitude of about 2600 meters.Tepui called mesas with a flat top.

Approaches to steep rocky wall blocks Selva - impenetrable rainforest.In 2005, the first seven climbers ventured to go through the whole steep wall of a beautiful waterfall, one of the brave was Russian.

Angel Falls was first discovered in the early twentieth century scholar-traveler ES La Cruz.But he received international fame thanks to the flight of James Angel.

In the 30 years in Venezuela began "diamond fever".Adventurers who sought to profit, went to the impassable jungle.Angel Pilot sport plane flew to the mountains of Auyan-tepui, or Devil's Mountain.Usually their peaks hidden by clouds or fog.Angel went on a trip on a clear day, and before his eyes opened amazing kilometer water vertical.Juan Angel (Angel) did not find the diamond fields.His plane made an emergency landing, and the pilot miraculously survived.Angel told about the discovery the National Geographic Society of the USA, and now his name is listed on the world map.Angel Aircraft on display at the museum in Maracay, and on top of the waterfall installed copy.In recent years, the life of the pilot lived in Venezuela, in 1956, he died.Following the will of Angel, his ashes scattered over the waterfall.

By Angel Falls is very difficult to get, there are only two roads: by air or by river Kerep.The difficulty is that the waterfall is very picturesque and high water only during the rainy season.And in the rainy season air travel are complicated by thick clouds and dense fog, and see the waterfall is almost impossible.In the dry season, instead of rumbling water flow can be seen only small brook.

If you decide to go on an exotic journey to the handsome waterfall, come first in Canaima.It is a small village with hotels and shops.Here you can arrange accommodation and hire a guide.

Embark on an exotic journey to the waterfall!This trip will be filled with tropical extreme, amazing experiences, but in the heart and memory for a long time remain beautiful picture amazing nature of the Amazon, among which stands the Angel Falls.Venezuela is proud of its pearl.