Pine Mountain ... What features has this wonderful plant?

hundred species of plants make up the forest in the temperate zone or on the slopes of the subtropics.Ever-green mountain pine trees often presented with very different forms and sometimes crowns - shrubs.The young plant bark is bright and smooth, but with age it changes its form, thickened, cracked, brown or gray becomes.

By type of mountain pine different location and size of cones and needles.At short young branches needle needles grow beams.Each tuft may remain green and alive for a period of from two to eleven.These light-loving plants, very unpretentious to the composition of soil and moisture, extract nutrients well-developed and penetrating deep into the ground root system.However, in urban areas, with high-level smoke detector and gas contamination of air, they develop worse than in the open air.Under natural conditions, life expectancy pine reaches three hundred-five hundred years.

Noteworthy is the way mountain pine carries pollination.Pollination takes place usually in May, some of the

more northern regions - the beginning of June, at a time when it begins to blossom young needles.During this period, the trees are literally covered with yellow pollen and the wind spreads it, helped implement pollination.Blossom and pine begin to bear fruit at the age of six to ten years.

pine seeds develop in cones that are completely mature one year after pollination, about the month of November, with bumps, full of seeds on the tree very much.By the beginning of winter shoots lignified, and their terminal buds abundantly covered with a protective layer of pine resin.These measures are designed to protect the tree from frost, although apical shoots in a very severe frosts are still damaged by frost, but on the development of the plant is not affected.

Most species of pine trees to the age of twenty, already has a height of twenty meters in the trunk and a crown up to three meters in diameter.There are species that do not comply with this, for example, increasing the area between the Balkans and the eastern side of the Alps, the mountain pine Mugus a bush, creeping along the ground, which can reach a maximum height of one and a half or two meters.The plant is very beautiful and has a lot of cones with symmetrically planted a thorn in the heart, in color resembling cinnamon.This species is very well tolerated by our winter, so it is often chosen to decorate the rock garden or steep slope at sites in our climate latitudes.

is very beautiful and mountain pine Pumilio, common in the Alps, the Carpathians and the Balkans.It can also spread along the slopes of the mountains, but up to three meters, not only upward but also in breadth.Designers actively use it to decorate the rocky land.The plant tolerates frost.And its branches with needles directed upwards.At the plant a lot of cones dark brown.

At the young age of five mountain pine is very well tolerated and easy to take root transplant.In adulthood transplant plants is risky.