How to make plum jam for the winter

cost plum is not too high, so almost every family engaged in canning fruit, berries and vegetables, making bars of this delicious fruit.Not to mention those who grow in their gardens and orchards.From it you can cook jam, juice, jam or marmalade, jam, syrup, puree, compote.Also this drupe acts as a good companion to other fruits, it can be dried or frozen.We look at how to cook plum jam for the winter.

should immediately be noted that this process is not difficult.If desired, there is even an option to borrow it from cooking compote.Means: cook it the same way, ie, starting with nuts.But we'll go as simple as the way in which the plum jam for the winter preparing for just three ingredients.However, this is rarely meet?Also, one of them can be and generally are not used.So, we need: one kilo of plums, half - sugar and lemon if desired.Another necessary to consider the fact that different varieties of fruit fit (to a greater or lesser degree) for the different types of canning.

And now start to make

jam from plums.The recipe of delicious dishes following:

  1. Well my fruit to be ripened, and remove tails.
  2. take out the bone, pre-cutting plums in half.
  3. still divide each half into two parts.
  4. These pieces pour sugar in a saucepan or enameled basin.
  5. expect until the juice.
  6. Put the container on the stove and bring mixture to a boil.Cook as a "five-minute", 5 minutes.
  7. Remove basin / pan from the heat, giving to cool and infuse.
  8. Put jam on the fire again and do not boil, and only bring to a boil.
  9. Turn off the oven and cool for preparing the product again.
  10. finish cooking plum jam for the winter - cook for five minutes, you can optionally add the lemon.
  11. hot product is poured into prepared jars and completion of the twirl them.

As we can see, and really was not anything complicated, that would not have done anyone.The quest "How to make jam from plums" performed.The result is a delicious, homogeneous structure resembling jelly.Plums are soft.This jam can be easily spread on a loaf of bread, used as a filler to home porridges and desserts, or filling for different dough-baking.

There are other recipes.Including the more labor-intensive and time-consuming.For example, the following:

  1. Of water and sugar syrup cooked jam, citric acid is added.
  2. Plum washed, cut in half, the bones are removed.In
  3. cooled to forty degrees are put prepared fruit syrup.The next day, we bring to a boil and leave for another day.
  4. Bring to a boil, and diminish the fire, stirring occasionally, cook for five minutes.This should be available to evaporate water.
  5. Spread on hot sterile jars.In this way the product will be well prepared and stored at room temperature.

Now we know at least two options on how to make plum jam for the winter.Bon Appetit!