How to cook the jam in multivarka plums

Jam is one of the most common forms of preparations for the winter.It is made in almost all countries of the world, using a variety of fruits and berries.At the same jam in multivarka plums cooked, it is considered one of the most widespread since the advent of this technology commercially available.


To prepare you will need:

  • ripe plums - 2 kg;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • ground ginger.

Selecting the main product

First of all, it should be noted that on the jam recipe is suitable even overripe plum.However, if some of the fruit will come across a lot of green, this may adversely affect the taste, give it a bitter taste.That is why jam in multivarka plum is made from soft fruit, which tastes sweet and slightly sour give.


First we need to thoroughly wash the fruit, and then let them dry.Thereafter, they can be cut in half, while removing bone.It is better to spend a little time, but then do not have to wind up with them in the use, worrying about the integrity of the toot



It should be noted that the jam in multivarka plums prepared without the addition of water.This is due to the fact that the device is equipped with a good lid that fits snugly to the body, keeping the steam inside.So you just need to put the fruit in a container, cover them with sugar and let stand for about an hour.During this time the fruits will have to put the juice and jam in multivarka plums receive the necessary moisture.

Next you need to set the device mode of extinguishing or any other function appropriate to the thermal process.Timer heating exhibited an hour and press the button "Start".

After this time, open the cover of the unit by checking the consistency of the product.At this stage, plum jam in multivarka looks like syrup, which float thick slices.Then, a small amount of capacitance added ground ginger, all mixed thoroughly and capped.

Next you need to cook the jam in the same mode, but forty minutes.If at the end of the allotted time, the density of the fruit will be unsatisfactory, the whole process can be slightly extended.However, it is not worth much to stretch, or get jam.


Many recipes telling how to cook the jam of plums, assume its subsequent seaming banks, arguing at the same time, so that the taste will be better.Such opinion is wrong, because it is better to use fresh and canned it only for long-term storage.

For this you need a hot dish pour into sterilized jars and lids to close the special.Then the container is turned upside down and put in a warm place for uniform cooling.These blanks can be stored a fairly long period of time and used as in independent form, and in the preparation of various desserts and pastries.Jam has stunning delicate flavor with a spicy tinge that gives ginger.