How are licensed security guard?

Throughout the period of the existence of mankind has been the need to protect the life, health and property.This often perform this task on their own ordinary citizen simply can not afford, so he turned for help to the professionals, t. E. The guards.

honorable and necessary profession

should be noted that this is one of the oldest areas of activity, more primitive Homo sapiens was forced to protect his own home from wild beasts and enemies of the neighboring tribes.

Well, if we talk about the modern era, the need for security is incredibly high, because the crime is constantly growing, and its representatives have come up with more and more sophisticated ways of taking possession of another's property.That is why today any commercial structure has its guards.Yes and famous actors, politicians, show business stars are increasingly using the services of an experienced guard.

Who are these people

should be stressed that the profession of a security guard at the present time, not only in great d

emand, but honorable.Today, a huge number of young people are interested in how to get a license guard.As a rule, protect property from illegal encroachments agree guys have perfect physical health.Moreover, those who want to learn how to get licensed security guard, then to master this difficult profession, should remember: This area of ​​activity is associated with great psychological stress.

Some mistaken when they think that the main task of the guard - is to neutralize criminal.In addition, he also must be able to prevent the potential threat and minimize the risk of its occurrence.

Some representatives of today's youth, which does not have the slightest idea on how to get a license guard mistakenly believe that to get a job in the PSC - simply nowhere.In fact, protected objects - a responsible mission, which implies order and discipline.In other words, anybody in the security are not taken.

on guard, too, need to learn

Due to the fact that demand for the above-mentioned representatives of the profession today is greater than ever, wishing to become qualified as a huge number of security guards.That is why the question of how to get a security guard license, requires detailed consideration.

What is a license

Thus, the license is a document that allows you to protect a wide variety of types of property - commercial warehouses, retail outlets, office buildings, as well as control the order in public places.Naturally, to get a license, a person must be professionally trained in the above professions.There are specialized training courses, which will organize this process.

Experts have developed individual programs for each grade.For example, a 4 digit security guard license gives the right to use a protective helmet, vest, rubber truncheon and handcuffs.The period of such training is two and a half weeks.If you want to become a security guard of the 5th rank, you have to spend on training three and a half weeks, and if the security of the 6th category - four and a half weeks.

That includes training

Before you will be licensed security guard, you have to master the theoretical knowledge: the basics of law, regulations, first aid and so on.

on practical training instructors will teach you how to use body armor, rubber batons and electric truncheons.Also, you will learn how to professionally shoot a gun.Then you will need to pass a qualified test, the results of which will be determined by your professional suitability for security activities.The examination involves checking not only theoretical but also practical knowledge.The number and complexity of the issues depend on what category of claims future security.It is necessary to take into account the fact that the license issued to the private security guard who passed the procedure of fingerprinting.

next step - the appeal to the licensing and permitting department (hereinafter - LRO) ATS.In this department are circulating in the community.Licensing officers LRO will happen after you have submitted the documents to them.

list of documents for obtaining a license

you need to collect the following:

  • document that you have completed specialized courses in which the fixed categorization;
  • document confirming payment of state duty;
  • document on the state of your health;
  • two photographs (4 x 6).

If all the paper you will be all right, then a month later you get the license to the guard, which is valid for five years.After the validity of the document expires, you have the right to prolong his passing special courses.

When it comes to the 6th rank, its owners are required to annually certify their skills.

refusal to grant a license

way or another, but in practice there were cases when the license is not issued after training.It is a negligent security guard who did not pass the test.Also, the reason for refusal to issue a license can be a fact misfiled documents.It is also surprising that the issue of a document refused, explaining that the lack of banal forms.

Why Study

Given the above circumstances, many young people have become interested in the question of purchase money security guard license.

Yes, it is very likely that in the context of corruption in the Russian system of management is possible to obtain a treasured crust without taking any tests and examinations.And what will be the price of such professionals?Is it possible to rely on such a guard?Undoubtedly, the answers to these questions are obvious.


future security should know that they expose themselves to danger on a daily basis, because, as experience shows, criminals are armed and well-prepared.

forced guards 24 hours a day on duty, so they do not always have time for a personal life, hobbies.Anyone who has ever seen the security guard with their lives disarm criminals will never say that the guard and the guard - is equivalent concepts.Today, a huge number of jobs contain elements of security functions: janitors, prison guards, bodyguards and so on.That's why those people are mistaken who think this occupation banal and primitive.This is a profession, which occupies only a real man, and no one else!If you consider yourself as such, then, it can master this interesting activity!