History of Georgia

first mention of the formation of the state of Georgia history dates to the tenth century.At that time there was a unification of several kingdoms.This state lasted for about three centuries.After several centuries, in the eighteenth century, the Georgian principality united again.A little later some of them joined the Russian Empire.

In the eighth century BC, in the western territory of modern Georgia Greeks lived.After a few centuries, the eastern territory of the State to take the Anatolian tribes.They assimilated (blended) with the locals.Thus was formed the Iberian country, which lasted a relatively short time.

between the fifth and third centuries BC, the territory of modern Georgia invaded different states.However, in 189 BC, the Romans defeated the army of the Seleucid army.As a result, the Armenian state was formed, joined by Georgian principality.Its rulers have captured a lot of territory.

However, between the fourth and fifth centuries of the western territory of Armenian state seized

the Byzantine Empire, while quite powerful.In the eastern part with the Persians invaded.

In the seventh century the whole territory of the Armenian state was created Muslim state who came to the Muslim Arabs.Get rid of the yoke of ancient Georgia was able only to 1122.At the same time there was an invasion of Armenia Seljuk Turks.This has forced many Christians to flee Armenia to Georgia.There they merged with the local community.

It should be noted that the Ottoman Empire and Persia sufficiently long period tried to invade the territory of Georgia.All attempts at this have been unsuccessful until the eighteenth century.In this century, the Turks almost succeeded.However, to help the Christian population of the Caucasus came to Catherine the Great.Russian troops managed to expel many Turkish invaders.Since the history of Georgia continued in the Russian Empire.Full expulsion of Muslims was only in the mid-nineteenth century.

After joining in 1801, Eastern Georgia into the Russian Empire in the administrative center of the Georgian province became Tbilisi.The city is also the residence of the chief of the Russian army.

nineteenth century history of Georgia is remarkable then create and use popular nationalist parties and groups.At the same time strengthen the status of the capital city of Tbilisi as a major cultural and economic center.

beginning of the twentieth century was marked by the declaration of independence of a number of states (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan).However, after the Bolshevik seizure of all of them are included into the Soviet Union.However, the Committee of the RSDLP was established in the capital - Tbilisi.Since the beginning of the twenties of this century, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia have been merged into TSFSR (the Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic).

This federation was dissolved in 1936.From that moment began another story of Georgia.

In 1990 the country held its first elections.They are attended by several political parties.

According to many experts in the field of politics, the former Soviet Republic had good prospects for progressive growth.However, in 1992-93 the history of Georgia was marked by the war between Abkhazia and South Ossetia independence.It should be noted that a major contribution to the stabilization of the political and economic situation in the country has made while President Eduard Shevardnadze.