Old pagan gods of the Slavs

In pre-Christian times Slavs had their own faith formation that occurs in culture for centuries.Now the pagan gods once again returned from oblivion, a new awakening, a very strong interest in the descendants of those people.Despite the imposition of alien rusicham Christianity, which runs mostly by force, fire and sword, people preserved in folklore, fairy tales and festivals mention of his true gods.And sometimes, without knowing it, we mention their names become common nouns.

and Rhode Svarog

pagan gods of ancient Rus - is first and foremost a family.It is in the understanding, as we used it to present themselves.At the head is the ancestor of all other gods - Rod.He is the creator of all things: light and darkness (Belobog and Chernobog) and the universe.After his companion, Rozhanitsy Lada, he gave life Svarog, who became the chief god of the earthlings.It is believed that each person is a child of Svarog, that is, it can be considered rightfully his great-great-great ... grandfather.

How did Rod?It was created by God or the Absolute, that is, the very energy that has always been and always will be, the power of figuring in all the world religions.

SVAROG brought to the end of the matter ancestor - the creation of our world.Now it consists of three parts, at different levels.Upper, heavenly world of law, inhabited by the gods.Middle - Reality - inhabited by people and is visible to us.On the lower level - Navi - souls of the dead.There are delusion and bad dreams come.

alive and alive

Even some old pagan gods of the Slavs - is alive and alive.They are embodiments of masculine and feminine.Alive is symbolized by a blade, a spear, a "+", the pentagram, the tip directed upwards.Alive carries a negative, lunar energy.Her characters - colo, ring cup, five-pointed star downward.The result of their union becomes Zhivatma - "I" of all things: the human, animal, plant, mineral, even the elementary particles.It is unique, indivisible, it can not be destroyed.Size Zhivatmy - one ten-thousandth part of the section of hair, it is a tiny piece of glowing Almighty Auma.


pagan gods always had companions who nurtured and bore him children.God has created the very first genus Lada - the goddess of love and beauty.It is also called Bereginya, Dark Virgin, Virgin Swan.She became his wife Bjelobog.

Mother of the Gods Great Race is the patroness of the family, children and mothers, orphans and widows.In honor of her people called the ideal way of life - fashion, where everything peacefully and well, and people get along with each other.She also took care of abundance, maturation of crops,

Goddess Rozhanitsy is also the daughter of Lada - Lel.Besides her children are considered to twelve months, of which the year.

Belobog (Svetovid) and Chernobog (Temnovid)

Belobog and Chernobog - too old pagan gods.Svetovid - husband Lada - Reveal commands the world.He is the personification of peace, harmony, friendship, sincerity, and good luck.Trade and art patronage.

Temnovid (aka Morok, Mor, Potma) - encased in armor, with a fierce face the master of the world, Navi, the eternal enemy Bjelobog.Its symbol is a skull.Chernobog wise Slavs respected on a par with its opposite, because without darkness there is no light, everything in the world should be in equilibrium.

These are some of the oldest, the main representatives of the pantheon of gods of their ancestors.Besides them there are their children and grandchildren, each of which has a specific responsibility.The main difference between the native Slavs belief is that every member of the race - it is a direct descendant of the gods, having the same potential as well as his grandparents.

general, Slavic pagan gods are recognizable in many other religions of the world, especially in those that have their origin from the Vedic culture.This indirectly indicates that it Rodnoverie is the most ancient faith of our ancestors.With travelers and settlers spread it on other people's lands, transferred to other nations.