How to name the child on the calendar: the rules and traditions

Even in pre-Christian Russia children tried to call in honor of the great, famous, talented, lucky person, thereby shifting its destiny on the child and the same name is already promising crumbs happy life.

With the advent of Christianity, this task is much simpler, but the process of complaints ordered.The fundamental basis became mesyatseslov - calendar - a calendar that contains all the data about Orthodox holidays and memorial days of saints.These days, in which one or another revered saint and began to follow the Orthodox, naming their children.

How to name the child on the calendar?

After much repression faith back in our hearts, and religion - in the house.Even young families seek the "right" to choose a name for the baby and baptized him.

Choose a name using the prayer book is quite simple.You can handle this on their own.If you do not know how to name the child on the calendar, look at what the saints venerated on the day of birth of the baby.Choose the most suitable, you liked the n

ame, and prepare for baptism.If the names are quite a few, and most euphonious, arrange a survey among friends and family, talk with potential godparents.It may also happen that you are unable to choose a child's name on the calendar, because the birthday baby saints exclusively male (or vice versa) and, possibly, the names you just did not like, and how to name the child on the calendar in this case?The Christian tradition of naming gives you two time abroad.

first - it is the eighth day after the appearance of the children of the light, or from the second to the eighth day, when you have the opportunity to choose the name.Second - this is the fortieth day after birth, when the baby is born strong and healthy, the sacrament of baptism could be postponed and for such period.

If after all of the terms you have not managed to decide, you can give the child a double name.One - "for the world", the second - "for the Church", his choice may be given to the priest, who will conduct the baptism of the baby.So give your child a name for the calendar will be easier, it will not take much of your time and mental energy.

It is important not to confuse the saints and martyrs (they too are highly revered in Christianity) without dooming their child to a heavy share.And the name of the holy child will give protection in the face of a powerful patron - a guardian angel.

Name day

planning to celebrate the name day in the future, remember that no matter how many memorable days at the chosen saint of the year, your child will be only one name day - the day closest to the day of his birth.

Faith and Reason

Calling the child's calendar, mainly be guided by faith.Explore the life of the saint, whose name you choose, know the prayers to him, to convey all this knowledge to the child.

remember who or what patron saint, and bring up the child in accordance with this.The man who shows the way has already successfully passed him go will be much easier and more confident, you just him not to turn.

long as you understand, try to understand, to decide how to name the child on the calendar, go to church, talking with a priest, asking for help and advice.You will definitely tell all, and help to explain in detail.Name, correctly, with love and attention selected by the calendar, protecting your baby from the wrong moves and actions, from the evil eye and saying, lead his life on the road to happiness, success and prosperity!