How to spend the day laughing in the camp

Anyone who has ever resting in a children's camp, knows that there is a rare day go by without any contests, role-playing games or theatrical performances.Time is running out and saying "old old" in this sense is no longer relevant.It is safe to say, because for several generations in a row children who grew up in the Soviet and post-Soviet space, happy to play games such as "cops and robbers" and "war games" and arrived at the camp, looking forward to the DayNeptune and, of course, April Fool's Day.

What is April Fool's Day?

April Fool's Day in the camp - a kind of antithesis of Halloween, fun and scary all sorts of holiday pugalok.Jokes, jokes, unusual contests, which is measured not so much wit and speed as the ability charming smile and infectious laugh are mandatory program, but such children obyazalovke not even bother.April Fool's Day in the camp - it's an entertaining game, not just stretching the whole day, but miraculously drawn into the process of counselors and educators.

benefits of laughter

One of the heroes of the great, but a little frightening tale of James Crews "Tim Taler or marketed laugh" once said that a variety of explosions, he recognizes only the explosion of healthy children's laughter.Given that the school and the children at home alone and hear that "do not fidget," and "be attentive", April Fool's Day for children, especially at the height of the summer holidays, has become a real gift.This is a great opportunity to step back and relax.

As April Fool's Day is usually held in the camp?

course, given that modern children are unlikely to be interested in contests held once for their mothers and fathers, each time come up with something different, special.That's what April Fool's Day.The camp (usually the script is developed individually collective counselors) are allowed to improvise, that thanks to the participants perceive to "cheers".

Usually guys are divided into two teams, each of which prepares its own emblem.In recent years, given the general computerization of the younger generation, have gained immense popularity Smileys and become a kind of symbol of fun and funny holiday.The reward for victory in this or that competition is quite original, is not hateful chocolate biscuit and candy bars, and drawn konopushki.Not on their faces, of course, although some in the heat manage to apply war paint "and on his own and at his friend. Marks put on a poster smiley. Whose smiley will be more caulk is the winner.

Among the contests I would like to note those, which are an element of group therapy. All of us were once young people and remember how many tears brought us "ugly" noses, teeth, ears or eyes. How many unpleasant moments had to go through in connection with the "funny" name ... Butcompetitions "Whose nose is better" and "Barnyard" to help young people to get rid of complexes and to understand that ugly people do not happen, and if you treat his real and imaginary external flaws with enough healthy humor, life becomes much more beautiful.

OneIn short, April Fool's Day in the camp gives children a welcome opportunity not only how to have fun, but also to look at ourselves and see their comrades in a different light.