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warming of the earth has created more favorable conditions for the existence of ancient man.The main sources of subsistence were hunting, fishing and gathering.We pick berries, mushrooms, nuts, various plants.They hunted wild boars, deer and smaller animals.


About 12 thousand years ago (ancient history), people learned how to make small sharp silicon wafers.This has contributed to a more active development of hunting.These records used to make bows and arrows with sharp tips.Hunting has become much easier to let the bow to kill prey from a distance.(reference fishermen and hunters).To this period belongs the invention ax with which managed to handle the trees, build rafts and hollowing out large trees boats.For fishing hooks learned to dress and weave network.Domestication of dogs contributed to the development of hunting.The dog was the first pet.

Ancient people have long noticed cereals.With hard shell grains are well preserved and from it you can cook tasty and healthy food.To ha

rvest used special knives made of sharpened stones set into bone handle.But the hard shell was not edible.To cook the grains must be destroyed wrapper.For this purpose, graters and mortars.At first, people gathered wild grasses exclusively, but about 11 thousand years ago, learned to sow themselves, and collect them.Tools for agriculture gradually evolved from sticks kapalok-up of wooden shovels and hoes flat.To harvest pruning shears were designed with bone tips.Agriculture originated in Asia Minor and spread to other countries.Agriculture was of great importance in the development of mankind.

Livestock .

Bow hunting and dog made more productive.Now you can not kill all the prey to hunt.Youngsters steel finish feeding and build shelters for him.This has accelerated the emergence of animal husbandry.Further, after the dog pets become goats and sheep.They breed well in captivity.Later they were domesticated pigs and cows.And the development of agriculture by the time allowed rapid fattening of animals, so it was possible to continuously eat meat, milk, as well as the use of animal skins.

discovery of agriculture and animal husbandry is one of the most important and significant progress of mankind in its entire history.