Alpha radiation

One type of nuclear radiation, which applies to almost all currently known to science species and types of waves, the particle is alpha radiation.The source of this phenomenon appears natural or artificially created (induced) radioactivity.The kind of radioactivity that is initialized and proceeds spontaneously called natural radioactivity and "participants" - a core with an unstable internal communication between elementary particles of the nucleus.For example, the nucleus of radioactive elements such as radium or uranium-235 are able to spontaneously give off alpha, beta and gamma particles.Accordingly, there are types of nuclear radiation and alpha radiation, beta radiation and gamma radiation.

Studies have shown that alpha-particles are relatively harmless to the human body because, having a sufficiently high velocity, they nevertheless have a relatively low penetrating ability.It can not be said about other types of particles - positrons, electrons, beta particles, which have a much greater energ

y potential, therefore, more penetrating.As a high-rays, gamma particles have a very high penetrating power and life-threatening.

word, alpha radiation - a type of ionizing radiation, which is a spontaneous or direct the flow of positively charged particles with high speed and with considerable energy potential.

Based on currently available knowledge in the field of nuclear energy, the main sources of alpha radiation are the radioactive isotopes of substances that have the ability to decay because of the weakness of atomic bonds and emit alpha particles in the process of this decay.

As already noted, the main feature of alpha radiation, which distinguish them from other types of nuclear radiation, it is their relatively low penetrating power.This effect is explained by the fact that the particles have high speed, but because the ionization path they overcome very quickly.By way of "repetition" of alpha-particles are capable of creating a significant number of ions, forming in turn, a high ionization density.

presence of a large ionization density determines the biological effectiveness of alpha radiation, which is about ten times greater than that which is observed in X-rays.Such action on the human body is manifested in the fact that due to the high speed path on its surface burns may occur.If alpha particles get inside the body, e.g., through the mouth or open wounds, they then spread throughout the body of the person using the blood flow.In this case there is an internal irradiation.

This effect allows the use of alpha radiation in the treatment of various diseases in procedures so-called alpha therapy.

Physico-chemical nature of the phenomenon of alpha radiation is that the ions produced by the passage of alpha particles very quickly using its energy potential, then these ions are transformed into the most ordinary helium atoms.Thus, we can talk about flow in biological tissues of the human body radiochemical reactions.These reactions allow the use of alpha radiation for medical purposes, because it produced in the course of its isotopes - Radon, Thoron, have a short period of life and can cause great harm to the body in compliance with established safe dosage and other precautions.

basic procedures during alpha therapy include the appointment of radon baths, the imposition of alpha-radioactive compresses to the affected areas of the body, the use of radon water, inhalation of radon-rich air.

These procedures have a positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system, have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

widely known centers where active use of alpha-therapy medicinal purposes, is a resort of Pyatigorsk, Tskhaltubo, Brambach and other places where there are natural sources of radon.