How to install the faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen?

answer to the question of how to install the faucet in the bathroom, not cause particular difficulty, even if you are not a professional plumber.The process is quite simple and does not take much time.

Preparing to Install faucet in the bathroom

If you are installing a new faucet in place of the old, the choice of the installation site itself can not puzzling.If you are setting up a new apartment or house, you can turn imagination and come up with any space for a mixer.Make it better at the design stage a bathroom that, if necessary, adjust the liner of water pipes.The main thing is to set the mixer was easy to use and fit harmoniously into the interior bathroom.


necessary to prepare tools, mixer, which will be installed, and the workplace.Do not forget to block the cold and hot water coming into the apartment.Before you install the faucet in the bathroom, you need to prepare a series of tools.This wrench, which we will tighten the screws of the mixer, open-end wrench, using the dip ecc

entrics, a strand of flax (which can miss the mark with sealant), tow or tape FUM.

How to install the faucet in the bathroom?

Before installing a new faucet is first necessary to make dismantling.Old faucet dismantle careful not to damage the threads of the pipe themselves.If water pipes are made of metal, possibly the Soviet era, it is best before removing the old faucet to tap them a little at the joints to knock stale limescale deposits.

Then look at how the same distance between the outlet and the holes in the mixer.They often do not coincide.

This problem is easily solved eccentric adapters.One side of them is designed for connection to the water pipe, and the second - for connection with a mixer.Before screwed unions, be sure to use sealing materials.Screw them a bit so as not to overdo it.If the metal pipe, then nothing really bad will happen, and just squeezed out excess sealant.And if we are screwed into the polypropylene fittings, the sealing material in excess it can crack.

It is also important to tighten the unions on an equal depth so that there are no distortions in the future.Once the adapter installed, we put them on the decorative plates that cover and mask the point of attachment of output ports.

then under the nut and gasket set, slowly, at the same time cheat nut of the mixer.Make it better hands until it stops, and then quite a bit, just a half-turn, tighten the key, but so as not to scratch the surface of the mixer.For this turnkey enclose a small piece of cloth or wrap the edges of the wrench with a thin layer of tape (2-3 turns).

So we set a new wall-mounted faucet for the bathroom.Now you can fasten the shower hose and the gander (if there is one included).And finally attach the holder for the shower hose to the desired height.

Upon completion of work necessary to verify the operational status of the mixer.Apply the water and check for leaks joints, whether they are tight.By the way, better use of seals and gaskets, which are included in the product.

Choice Mixer

And just a few words about the correct choice of the mixer.All mixers are divided into the valve and ball.

Valve mixers for us are more common, they are easier to maintain and repair.They are suitable for water of any quality, including chlorinated.However, a little more time is spent on it, to adjust the water to the desired temperature, and after a while you need to change the pad.

Valve mixers are easier to control - just pick up a pen and just one movement to adjust the water temperature.But they are very sensitive to water quality and the presence of the smallest particles of impurities in it that can bring the mixer failure.Repair rather expensive, and it alone is unlikely to do.

Buying Cheap Bathroom Faucets, you run the risk of changing them punctually.If you can not buy an expensive mixer known brand, then pay attention at least for the following parameters.A quality faucet can be light in weight, it is said that it is made from low-grade alloy.In the dispersion of ball valve handles to the sides should not be large, and should not be accompanied by creaking and hard friction.Therefore, before you install the faucet in the bathroom, make the right choice.

Set the mixer in the kitchen

Installation Mixer in the kitchen is somewhat different from the same work in the bathroom.Usually, the kitchen faucet installed on the sink, at least - on the wall.Consider an example where you need to install a new faucet in the sink.

So, how to install the faucet in the kitchen?The first thing we do is screw the hoses directly to the mixer.It will be correct if you are pre-greased thread grease or graphite grease, and then tighten.Make sure that the place fit the mixer to the sink there is a rubber gasket.

carefully thread the hose into the hole for the installation of a crane, and the same gasket set bottom cleaning.

pins (one or two, depending on the design of mixer) handle grease.Now, put the retaining washer and fix everything by means of nuts and fastening screws, do not tighten until the end.Then expose the tap in the desired direction and tighten the screws to the end.

takes work!

remains to connect hoses with tap pipes by tightening the nuts with a wrench (or adjustable wrench), and check the tightness of the mixer, having carried out the supply of water.

Now you know how to install the faucet correctly.As you can see, nothing complicated in the installation process is not.The main thing - carefully and consistently perform all steps of the process and enjoy the quality of work done by hand.