Where is the carotid artery: anatomic structure and physiology of the vessel

carotid artery - a major vascular lesions, arterial blood that supplies the tissue of the brain and its membranes, facial skull mimic muscles to the skin.Thus the question of determining the exact location of the vessel does not cause problems, as even housewives know where the carotid artery.In fact, one can palpate her pulsation in the carotid triangle on the anterolateral surface of the neck.

anatomical structure of the carotid artery

In anatomical terms of the carotid artery is the blood vessel that is a part of the aortic channel.At the same time directly from the aortic arch moves only left common carotid artery, whereas a similar vessel of the right half of the body originates from the brachiocephalic trunk.Section to the right subclavian and common carotid arteries, brachiocephalic trunk, branched off directly from the aortic arch, finishes, giving the continuation of smaller caliber vessels.

place where the carotid artery, called the neurovascular bundle, in which structure is also the

vagus nerve with the vein.On both sides of the common carotid artery, external and internal depart carotid artery.Their division and nomenclature are respectively the area of ​​blood supply.

internal carotid artery satisfy the oxygen demand of the cranium, located inside it.Thus it penetrates into its cavity to form the arterial network is resistant to functional disruption in the blood vessels and the heart.In the interior of the cavernous sinus, which is located on the side of the sella, it gives anterior cerebral branch connects to the artery of the same name opposite side through the anterior communicating artery.Also, the internal carotid artery gives middle and posterior cerebral branches that are sent to your brain region.Thus phylogenetically it arranged so that the meninges, in addition to soft, supplies the external carotid artery in a pool that includes all the facial and masticatory muscles, the skin of the face and head, teeth, nose and eye socket.

hemodynamics and physiology of the carotid arteries

anatomical structure of the aortic arch special, since it is the elasticity of blood vessels.Taking some of the blood of its lumen, carotid arteries carry it to the head.Approximately 25% of the cardiac output falls on brain tissue, which explains the high caliber of the carotid arteries.Once the heart of the next dose reduction expel blood into the aorta, they get it a quarter.

have space division of the common carotid artery has two specific education, which is called a ball sleepy.This place is on the man's neck where the carotid artery, located at the upper edge of the laryngeal thyroid cartilage.It has a large number of receptors and a peripheral signal link, reflecting performance of the heart.If cardiac output is small, the receptor system is experiencing a slight pressure, and thus stimulates the vasomotor center.If the pressure in the arterial line is high, the closed feedback.There is also evidence that these receptor groups may be located throughout the vessel.Therefore, the place where the carotid artery should not be squeezed or forced clothing.

This lingual artery, extending from the external carotid, the diameter of even more, however is directed to the language.This ensures a strong circulatory system and maintaining the temperature, and taste recognition.It also bloodstream much slower than in the main carotid arteries, which enables suction cleavable oral carbohydrates.