Inventory - is to maintain the business afloat

Inventory - this is a test.In the process of its implementation to confirm or deny the extent to which the amount of the property, its condition and the financial position of the organization correspond to the proper level.This check is performed by verification of data on the documents to the present state of affairs.

Inventory - a process that can be clearly classified.Depending on the need for its implementation, verification can be mandatory or initiative.The first type of work is performed in the event that they are required by applicable law, and the second can be planned to address the administration of the company or enterprise.

Shareable inventory and frequency of.For example, a planned - this event, the timing of which is pre-defined and established.There is, accordingly, and unscheduled inspection, which is appointed by the leadership of the company, or the law for a specific reason or simply to establish order.Its terms are not known beforehand.

reconciliation on the scale can also b

e divided into two types.Full inventory - an analysis of all the objects and elements of the company, and partly - check only specific objects or production stages.

Depending on the method of inventory is as natural and documentary.The first type is characterized by checking in real time studies: calculation of finished products, measuring, weighing any objects.But a documentary inventory - it is just the analysis of the availability of all necessary documents and their compliance with standards.

incontrovertible fact that not all types of inventory can be described as robust and reliable.For the most objective analysis of the results of verification must be made objects are not employees of the same enterprise, as an independent firm.In addition, any kind of such a study, especially the inventory of finished products - quite extensive and difficult process.Therefore, it makes no sense to take the time to carry it out from their own employees.Only with this approach will be to conclude whether or not the value of the property and funds of the company are stored in accordance with the rules.

land inventory or finished products is particularly necessary in cases where the specified objects or property rented or offered for sale.Mandatory checks are also carried out when changes in state-owned enterprises during the transformation of the principles of their work.Compilation of annual reports by accountants or the appearance of a new person in charge of the material also requires the preliminary inventory.

Unscheduled scanning processes can also be assigned in the event of suspicion of theft at the company carrying out the work or in bad faith.Natural conditions and emergencies, such as fires, earthquakes, and more, too, do not rule out an analysis of their consequences.