Selection of bath

to the selection of the bath should be approached intelligently, carefully prepare and determine the order of what material will be a bath, what size it should be and, of course, how much you're willing to spend on this type of plumbing.Now the choice is huge baths.The range of baths in different colors, sizes and materials, etc.

The first thing you pay attention to when looking for a bath - this is the material from which they are produced.This may be metal, plastic, ceramic, acrylic, etc.

most traditional option - a cast-iron bathtub.Advantages of this option in strength and durability, as well as a good heat capacity - cast iron is heated for a long time, but well-kept warm.The minus iron bath can be attributed to their great weight, some models are more 100 kg, as well as their high cost.

next version - a bath of acrylic.This bath is much lighter than cast iron.Acrylic - a plastic (PMMA), which is processed in a special way.In processing plastic becomes thinner in certain areas to strengthen g

lass using a bath, and the resin frame made of metal.Modern acrylic baths have excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation.The disadvantages of acrylic baths include lower strength than with baths made of metal.To clean acrylic bath is undesirable to use powders and abrasive cleaners with chlorine - the internal surfaces of which may be harmful.Its surface is very easily scratched.High-quality acrylic baths are usually more expensive iron and steel with the same shape and equipment.If you need a bath of irregular shape, then you should pay attention to this type.

most common and cheapest option - steel baths.They are produced in Spanish, German, Russian, French, Chinese producers.On the strength characteristics are superior to acrylic and cast iron are not inferior.Furthermore, the bath, made of steel, are very low rates compared to other species.But, unfortunately, this suite has flaws - a good heat conductivity and noise Typesetting water.Manufacturers, knowing about the noise while using it, we decided to fill this gap by applying a special polymer coating on the bottom.However, such coverage is quite expensive and is present in only some models of European manufacturers.Although there are Russian producers of bathtubs in which the product is used special material to reduce noise, while the cost of the product increased slightly.If you have liked the model of steel bath is no cover to the effect of noise absorption, experts recommend to immerse the bath for about 1/3 of the tank with sand.Sand contribute to noise reduction and allow longer enjoy the warm water through a heat-insulating properties.There is another option - use assembly foam as a material that absorbs noise.Polyurethane foam insulation has the same properties as the sand.These simple solutions will help get rid of the disadvantages of this type of bath and make them more attractive to buyers.

Because of enamel, which is applied in the manufacture of the surface of the bath, this kind of plumbing gets another plus - hygiene.Due to lack of long on such a coating does not accumulate dirt and germs.Enamel is able to maintain a beautiful appearance, very strong and durable.In addition, this type of plumbing is simple to install, as the legs, provided with bathroom, are adjustable in height.When choosing a bath of steel need to pay attention to models that have the greatest wall thickness - from 2.8 to 3 millimeters.Thin can easily be deformed.

Among the advantages of steel baths are the following:

1. Good range of shapes and designs.Steel is easy to make all kinds of original form.

2. Durability and strength.Steel enamel baths cover which protects their surface from any damage.

3. The relatively small weight of the order of 25-35 kg, which is a plus during transportation and installation.

4. Reasonable cost.

important to choose not only the material but also the shape of a bathtub, as well as its size.Restrictions may only be the size of a bathroom.Typically, the bath has a simple rectangular shape.Standard length - from 100 to 190 centimeters and width - not less than 70 and not more than 120 centimeters.Corner tubs take up less space and because of the size can accommodate even two.

When selecting bath should pay attention to its internal profile: depth, slope of the walls, handles and armrests.From these "little things" it depends on the convenience of use of the product.

Modern technologies have gone so far that let you enjoy a massage in the comfort of home, right in your bathroom.It is, of course, a hot tub, or as it is commonly called, jacuzzi.This name comes from the Italian firm "Jacuzzi", which first began to sell such products.Most often, hot tubs made of acrylic.On consumption of electricity, they are comparable with the amount of iron consumed.At first they produced only for medical purposes.But today, stores offer a large selection of this particular type of plumbing, and having the financial capacity, as well as a desire to choose a bathtub with hydro-massage is simple.Water jets may have from 5 to 8 nozzles, and air - between 12 and 14 arranged on the walls of hydromassage bath nozzle, and at the bottom - for air massage.Someone even once tried massage, I will never forget that feeling of lightness, vivacity.Unfortunately, such a pleasure to pay the high cost of this type of plumbing.Prices start at $ 1000.

The choice, of course, is up to the buyer.But if important original design and reasonable price, the steel tub will be out of competition and excellent solution.