Finishing balconies with their hands

If your balcony never been repaired or you moved to a new apartment, which is made only rough finish, to begin ?This is the first question that comes from the owners of the home.And you should start by making a plan with thinking through the interior balcony.Start rough finish is necessary from the ceiling, then move on to the walls, and then the floor.Only then move on to the glassed-in balcony, installing doors and decorating the walls.

Do not hurry with the completion of the rough finishing the balcony, to accelerate the drying process of the ceiling and walls, screed floors, not to begin repairs from the beginning a couple of years.The quality depends on a rough finish and durability of finishing materials and the quality of all repair.Always remember that the balcony - this is not the room and the weather unfavorable factors constantly affect and influence its appearance and comfortable environment for people.

to save money in the repair of the balcony we must not be afraid to do everything m

yself, because the payment of finishing work takes a lot of money.In addition, finishing balconies with their hands allow you to get satisfaction from their work and do everything according to their own desires.Do not hurry up with the choice of materials, keep in mind the climatic conditions, the financial resources and the overall design of the apartment.

to work for finishing the balcony of the materials must be used for outdoor work, as all parties balcony facing the street.To begin around balcony railings must be installed wooden lattice, and inside lay overlapping sheets of polystyrene foam insulation or mineral wool.Moreover, it is necessary to insulate the floor, ceiling, walls and parapets at the same time.

If you choose the right materials, the finishing balconies with their hands does not require special knowledge and experience.Inside the balcony you can decorate the plastic lining, decorative wood panels or tiles for the exterior, so as always to be considered a large temperature difference between the cold time of the year, even on the balcony insulation.But the wallpaper is very impractical material for the interior decoration of balcony because quickly fade in the sun and due to temperature changes can come unstuck.

outside balcony is best to finish the siding.Vinyl and metal siding perfectly maintained temperature changes, sunlight, rain and snow, easy to assemble using screws, and a very wide range of colors.After all, when performed outside finishing balconies with their hands desirable to take into account the appearance of the building and the architectural style of the street.

As for the tree, which often trim balconies in cities, it will over time cracks, rots and loses the appeal, and in addition, a fire risk than plastic.Therefore, be sure to take into account the climatic conditions in the selection of material.If

will run finishing balconies with their hands , then stock up in advance not only all the necessary materials and tools.You will need a drill, jig saw, hacksaw, hammer, screwdriver, and other small tools.Important insulation floor balcony.Best of all, if the floor is wooden, but can be laid linoleum or laminate.

balcony doors should definitely warm, so as not to lose heat in the room.Therefore finish doors with their hands begins with this.The heater is fastened to the door from the balcony, in order not to disturb the interior of the room.

If funds allow convenient to use sliding doors to the balcony.This saves space in the entire apartment, perfectly protected from dust and dirt.The street noise does not interfere with your rest, and most importantly, these doors reliable, durable and beautiful.They give originality and aesthetic design of exit to the balcony of the room.